Tracing Notification Scam {July} Check The Whole Info!

In the article, you will read about the Tracing Notification Scam. Also, you will know how scammers are using this message to scam People.

Have you ever got a notification from the NHS saying that you have been affected by omicron? Did you open the link mentioned in the SMS?

People are getting an NHS message online asking for vaccinations and warning alerts saying you have been in contact with the person with Omicron, so you have to order a test kit to avoid any further infection. This scam is widely spreading in the United Kingdom, and people are scared. So we need to find out about the Tracing Notification Scam.

About this Scam Notification.

People are receiving a text message from a random number mentioning that they have been in contact with a stranger contaminated with the omicron virus. According to the Covid 19 protocol, you have to buy a test kit to verify whether you are contaminated or not. 

This message also pops up with a link below of a fake NHS company where you have to buy a kit for a certain price that includes your bank details and personal details. So scammers are using this information to steal your money.

Tracing Notification Scam or Real.

According to the NHS and police authority, no such guidelines are available. The authority says this is a fake message spreading the news that people who are being tracked by the NHS who are Covid positive and all the people who come in contact with the contaminated person will be under quarantine until further clarification.

This message is very powerful and can scam anyone, so as per the authority and the NHS, you should be aware of such fake news and don’t buy any kit without checkup from this link because all the medication for Covid 19 is completely free.

How Scammers Scam People by Tracing Notification Scam?

During covid 19 in 2020, people are ready to pay as much as required to live. Covid 19 was one of the biggest traumatic and disaster viruses spread worldwide. Every country is scared of coronavirus. So it is very easy to scam people by using this virus notification. 

After control of this disease still, there are few cases, and this is a golden opportunity for the scammers to use this virus and scan people to buy any particular kit and gather personal information like Bank details and PAN card information. So Tracing Notification Scam is just a scam, and be aware of such fraud. According to the Government, all the medication and coronavirus treatment is free.


There is a new scam message spreading everywhere regarding Covid 19. As per the message, you have to buy a covid-19 test kit. This message will get your personal information and bank details to scam you.

Did you also get this message on your device? Please share awareness in the comment section. To read more about what NHS has to say about Tracing Notification Scam, you can open this link  

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