Torva Platebody Osrs {Jan} Find Its Cost, Bonus Stats!

In this post, we have discussed the best platebody in Old School RuneScape Torva Platebody Osrs and its bonuses.

Are you a fan of the role-playing game Old School RuneScape? Are you looking for new armours for OSRS? Do you want to know about the Torva platebody? If yes, tune into the post.

OSRS fans worldwide, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, are looking for more information on the Torva platebody part found within the Torva Armour. So, in this post, we will talk about the Torva Platebody Osrs.

What is Torva Armour?

Torva armour is a type of armour that requires Strength and Defense levels of 80 to acquire. It superseded Virtus robes as just a gift as one of Nex’s awards. However, the Old School Team has shown interest in bringing the robes back as a bonus for a separate type of content in the long term.

The armour parts are dropped as damaged items that must be mended with Bandosian to improve availability by collapsing Bandos chest plates & tassets in a fire under the Ancient Prison of the God Wars Dungeon. When degraded, the armour can last for 15 hours.

What is Torva Platebody Osrs?

The Torva platebody is a component of the famous Torva armour set in ORSR. It requires 80 Defense to acquire. The platebody has the largest strength boost among all body slot items, 2 more than the Inquisitor’s hauberk, Bandos chestplate, and Fighter Torso combined. Torva armour is a Zarosian alignment equipment that provides Zarosian protection within God Wars Dungeon.

A compromised Torva platebody received as a drop from Nex is combined with two other Bandosian parts to form the platebody. This process necessitates Smithing at level 90, and it is not reversible. Also, 2250 XP points are required for Smithing. 

The Torva Platebody Osrs was added on 16th December 2021 but was not accessible to the player. On 5th January, the platebody became accessible in the multiplayer game OSRS. 

Bonus Stats of the Torva Platebody

OSRS Attack Bonuses 

  • Stab Weapon: 0
  • Slash: 0
  • Crush : 0
  • Magic: -31
  • Ranged: -11  

OSRS Defence Bonuses

  • Stab Weapon: +156
  • Slash: +140
  • Crush : +120
  • Magic: +10
  • Ranged: +160

Other OSRS Bonuses 

  • Strength: +4
  • Ranged Strength: 0 
  • Magic Ranged: 0%
  • Prayer: +1

Cost of the Torva Platebody

The total cost of Torva Platebody is 62, 442, 623 OSRS coins. And the material cost of making it 210, 000 for one damaged Torva Platebody Osrs and 210, 000 for two Bandosian components. 

What are the Other Parts of the Torva Armour? 

The other two components of the Torva Armour are the Torva full helm and the Torva plateleg. 

The Torva complete helm has the biggest power bonus among all helmets. A shattered Torva full helm is combined with 1 Bandosian part to make the helmet.

The Torva platelegs provide the biggest boost to the ability of all other leg slot items. Shattered Torva platelegs are associated with 2 Bandosian parts to make the platelegs.


The powerful Platebody in OSRS Torva Platebody is now obtainable to the players. Just wait for the next Nex drop for a chance of getting it. Visit OSRS Wiki  for more.

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