Toronto Snow Storm 1999 {Jan} Know Its Impact And Loss!

This article on Toronto Snow Storm 1999 will inform you about the impacts of this storm on people’s lives.

You might have learned about the two types of calamities. The first is natural, and humans influence the other. One such natural calamity in Canada had shaken and broke the records. Snowstorm in 1999 is all we are talking about. 

Our article on Toronto Snow Storm 1999 will let you know about this natural calamity that occurred 22 years ago. What were its effects on the lives of the people, and all the other information about this storm will be shared here?

What is Snow Storm?

People would love to experience Snowfall, and for that, they visit northern parts of the world. But, Snowfall is loved only to some extent. If it creates a problem for the people, then it is disliked. Snow Storm refers to a very massive fall of snow that causes disruption, and along with the snow, a solid wind blows. It creates problems for the people living in that area as nobody can move out for any purpose and the places are covered with snow.

Toronto Snow Storm 1999

A massive snowfall or Snowstorm had been reported in 1999 in Toronto, which had a severe impact on the lives of people living there. On January 2, 1999, Toronto received a massive snowfall that made its way from the US in the north direction. A 40 cm of snow was gathered and deposited in the area. A CBC reporter claimed that Toronto had never experienced such a heavy snowfall in the last 200 years.

The snow was not cleared, and Toronto again received a heavy snowstorm the next week. As a result of which the city’s mayor, Mel Lastman, called the Canadian army troop to remove the snow. Toronto Snow Storm 1999 was the heaviest Snowstorm of history when more than 100 cm of snow was collected.

Impact of Snow Storm of 1999

Since the Snowstorm of 1999 in Toronto was the heaviest in history, people and the city faced many problems during this calamity. 

  • The airports were closed, and many flights were called off for many days. 
  • Passengers traveling on NWA had to wait for hours and were stranded. 
  • Railways were halted, highways were blocked, people couldn’t travel to any place.
  • Schools and business enterprises were closed for many days.

The impact of Toronto Snow Storm 1999 had impacted the lives of people living in that region. 

Cost of Snow Storm

This Snowstorm cost the lives of the people. Many people in the US, Canada regions have died. As per the reports, there was much death, including 39 auto-related, 5 related to the snowmobile, 2 frozen. This has taken lives, but these regions faced a $300-$400 million financial loss. So the effect of this storm was harsh.


Based on Toronto Snow Storm 1999, we informed you about this natural calamity and how it impacted people’s lives. The article shows how poorly the regions suffered due to this storm. You can see more details on the Toronto Snow Storm of 1999 here on this link.  

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