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Read the full news about Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon below article if you want to know what happened to the girl during these 18 days.

Have you heard about the missing kid, Cleo Smith? The news of the missing girl definitely shock the people of Western Australia. But thankfully, the kid returned home after 18 days of rigorous search.

After the case reported a missing girl from the tent, the police found her today morning (November 2, 2021) from Carnarvon. Today we will walk you through Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon to explain every detail about this case.

What was the reported case, and what happened?

A four-year toddler Cleo Smith suddenly disappeared from Blowhole’s camping on October 16. It is about 75km from their hometown, where she spent family time with her mother, stepfather, and baby sister. But around 6.20 am, the family found that Cleo was not in the tent with them. 

Immediately the police became active, and on the 17th, they shifted the search operation to nearby areas. On October 19, her parents also appealed through the press conference from Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon residents to report her news. But finally, on October 21, the state government offered $1 million rewards to the informer.

More about the investigation:

The police team who indulged in the case did every possible thing from the first day of the case. At the initial level, they tracked thousands of mobile calls and data nearby the campground. As a result, the local police never lost hope in the chance of finding Cleo.

Finally, the local police found her around 3.46 am on Wednesday. WA police rescued Cleo alive from a property of Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon, which is in the range of 2-3 kilometers from her home. Cleo was found locked in a room and said to the officer, “My name is Cleo.” Her statement melted the hearts of everyone present at the rescue.

However, the more relaxing news is that she is alive, with us, and smiling.

Abductor details:

Police have taken a 36-year-old man with them but have not commented anything on keeping him behind bars. Also, they have not given specific information about the abductor to the public. They are planning not to reveal anything until the investigation is complete.

What are Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon neighbors saying?

First of all, her family is overjoyed with this good news, and so are the investigating officers. Many neighbors are now describing that they have seen the man purchasing diapers from the local shop. 

But none of them has thought he would have been the same person with whom Cleo is living. Besides that, everyone knows the person, but none thought it would be him.


Of course, it is the cause of concern among parents for their kids. But at last, the police win the heart of everyone by rescuing her from Tonkin Crescent Carnarvon home without any harm. The entire nation and family are celebrating the kid’s return. There is no case filed as she returned to the family safe, but the investigation is still on.

Read more about Cleo return.

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