Tinyurl RU Scam {June} Explore The Real Facts Here!

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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Tinyurl RU Scam, a website used to shorten lengthy URLs.

Are you aware of malware that spreads due to shortened links of tinyurl.ru in the United Kingdom and around the globe? Did you know that it is difficult to recognize the website address masked by tinyurl.ru? 

Did you know that tinyurl.ru is a different website than the tinyurl.com domain? Do you know how to safeguard your device and data from malware? Let’s review below about how Tinyurl RU Scam worked.

Tinyurl.ru Scam:

Several websites were launched with the name TinyURL followed by a number. Tinyurl website is used to shorten lengthy URLs and hence, become difficult to handle. Lengthy URLs are also a bit difficult to be inserted in messages and as hyperlinks. Therefore, TinyURL services are very useful in reducing the length of URLs to be included in messages. Tinyurl.ru seems a scam.

Scammers took advantage of the original website URL being masked by TinyURL. The masked link asked the users to fill out small surveys and complete mini-tasks to get the gifts. But, these turned out to be a Tinyurl RU Scam

In addition, a few messages were featured on social media, including Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., that tried to lure people by announcing giveaways like 5K barbeques, 10K free women’s day gifts, 5K Cadbury chocolates, etc.

Features of Tinyurl.ru:

Tinyurl.ru achieved an average 50% trust score, 100% business ranking, and 1% suspicious website score. However, tinyurl.ru has a poor Alexa ranking of 12,028,568.

Tinyurl.ru uses HTTP protocol, which is less secure. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 302 days. However, its SSL certificate is not trusted by all browsers. Tinyurl.ru was registered on 16th October 2019. Its country of origin and owner’s details are unknown.

How do Tinyurl RU Scam malware links work?

A few messages plotted by scammers had malware links masked by TinyURL that targeted different types of internet browsers on user devices, including Firefox, IExplorer, Chrome, etc. 

The malware got installed on the user’s devices under different program names. In addition, it altered the address of ‘.exe’ files of internet browsers, making it difficult to launch.

Protection from malware:

  1. The address of the ‘.exe’ file for launching various internet browsers must be restored,
  2. The cookies from all internet explorers need to be cleared,
  3. Access to the microphone, camera, location, etc., must be restricted in internet explorers to avoid Tinyurl RU Scam,
  4. Any suspicious browser extensions and extension name that you do not recognize must be removed, 
  5. Recently installed suspicious applications need to be removed,
  6. Finally, a virus scan needs to be performed.


Tinyurl.ru is possible a scam as the website is not directly accessible; instead, it redirects the users to rutor.org, which offers the latest films to be imported. Furthermore, the malware links shortened using tinyurl.ru by the scammers and forwarded on social media are scams. Hence, it is advisable not to click on any links received in suspicious messages.

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