Timberwolves Wordle {April} What is Their Connection!

This post on Timberwolves Wordle will inform our readers of the latest update of Karl Anthony being accused of sharing fake scores.

Do you know how Timberwolves is related to Wordle? Whether you are a normal person or a superstar or any sportsperson, everyone plays Wordle. Timberwolves is a well-known basketball player and is a known player in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Now, you might be thinking, how is he related to Wordle? This post on Timberwolves Wordle will inform you about the latest update.

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Latest update on Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves is a National Basketball League star. It is a well-known team, but recently a member has been accused by his fans of lying about his score. He has shared a score on his Twitter handle, and netizens felt that he lied about his score. Now you all might be thinking about which score we are talking about, so please read this complete post and learn about all the controversies on social media.

Timberwolves Game

Many readers might not know that Timberwolves is associated with which sport? He is associated with basketball. He has recently dramatically defeated the Clippers and won the play-in game. During the Western Conference, he earned the seventh seed. His latest score in the game was 109 points in total, while the clippers were on 104 points. It leads the game by five points. Their previous records of the match with the Bulls were also outstanding. Further, we will discuss the connection of Timberwolves with Wordle and why this is controversial? So, let us see what happened recently.

Latest update on Timberwolves Wordle

Timberwolves’ star Karl Anthony is addicted to Wordle. He plays the game and shares his score after it. But when he shared his score on Twitter, it created a sense of disturbance among the fans. They noticed something fishy in his score. He showed that he guessed the word Ulcer in just three guesses. Many people objected and replied to his tweet. Some users said that it is impossible to guess any word in the third attempt. There are at least 26 letters containing U, E, and R, and there are no such words that Wordle accepts. 

Moreover, according to reports on Timberwolves Wordle, the New York Times purchased the game on Friday, and this incident also occurred on Friday. Netizens are bringing out similarities in both incidents.

Please visit this link to know more details on Fans’ Accusations against Karl.


Summing up this post, we found that the Timberwolves star is accused of uploading a fake result on his Twitter Handle. Karl has come up with his explanation to prove the allegations wrong. We could see that he is a long-time player of Wordle, and it is possible that he got an old hand in this game. 

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