Thoscal Reviews {Oct 2021} Is This A Legitimate Website?

Thoscal Online Website Review

This research will help you make a proper decision after reading this post on Thoscal Reviews and will save you from any fraud.

If you are fond of beautiful floral dresses or stylish summer dresses, then we have a new suggestion where you can window shop such beautiful dresses at a very competitive range. in the United States sells a variety of useful products in a single place.

But there are many things like Thoscal Reviews that must be known by every customer to understand that the store they are deciding to shop at is reliable or not. Is it trustworthy in each and every aspect? So here we will share all the necessary details.

Brief of is an e-commerce store selling many products as per the convenience of the customer. Here we are giving a brief list of products they are offering:

  • Women’s clothing like floral dresses, vacation dresses, winter outfits etc.
  • Fuel tanks
  • Television parts
  • Musical instrument

But the most important question you should know: Is Thoscal Legit? As we all are aware of some websites which are frauds and misuse important information of the customer.

Features of

  • Get attractive outfits from
  • The email address found on the website:
  • Address is also available: 888 Biscayne Blvd apt 2604,MIAMI,FLORIDA,33132,US.
  • The contact number is not available on the website.
  • Return/exchange/refund policy
  • For damaged products, contact via email. They will exchange with a new product.
  • Return can be claimed within 30 days of receiving the product.
  • Refund process within 7-14 business days after the seller receives the returned items.
  • The collection on this website has no Thoscal Reviews.
  • Shipping policy
  • Free shipping for orders above $60.00.
  • Product shipped within 72 hours.
  • Takes 10-22 days to deliver products.
  • Order cancellation policy
  • Request for cancellation within 12-24 hours via email after placing the order.
  • If the order has not been shipped, you will get a refund.
  • If transportation is arranged, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Payment mode through paypal, credit or debit card.

Positive Highlights

  • HTTPS protocol detected.
  • Email and address is found.
  • The order could be tracked online.

Negative Highlights

  • Contact number is not available
  • No customer reviews found
  • No pages on social media were found.

Is it legit or a scam?

As we discussed, is an online shopping website, but you must know: Is Thoscal Legit? Or what are the factors that a trusted online shopping website should have? There are many things that a customer must know about their shopping platform. So here are few things we are sharing to know about the reliability of this website:

  • Domain Creation: This website was registered on 30th June 2021.
  • Trust Score: It has a trust score of 1%, which is too low.
  • Data mode: HTTPS protocol detected, which means it is safe.
  • Social connections: No pages on social media found.
  • Customer reviews: There are no customer feedbacks found on the collection, but there is some information on other reviewing sites, but no relevant Thoscal Reviews found.

In Spite of all the good sides, there are some things that make it a more suspicious website. It’s always advisable for the buyers that they must search for authentic reviews on some off reviewing sites and many popular websites always have reviews on other reviewing sites to gain the confidence of reliability of online shopping websites. We advise you to not share any sort of your personal information as the intention of the seller could not be trusted, and the purpose behind some missing information is unknown, and it could be a fraud too.

Thoscal Reviews

On the basis of this research, we found that email and address is available on the official website, but this does not ensure safety. There are no pages found on social media, which means it has no connectivity through social platforms making it more suspicious. On the other hand, the contact number is also missing, and no customer reviews were found. Some information is found on other reviewing sites, but those are minor and not too positive. It has low popularity according to Alexa rank. More reviews on women’s dresses can be found here.  

Regarding credit card scams, collect information from this post.

Final Summary

We summarise on the basis of Thoscal Reviews that this website has a very low trust score, which is not reliable, time is less than six months of registration which means it is very new in the market and customers should not trust this blindly as they could misuse your personal information. So one could say this is a suspicious website. 

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Regarding paypal details, check this post.

17 thoughts on “Thoscal Reviews {Oct 2021} Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. Still weighting on a package I ordered 17 days ago for a carburetor that cost 70 dollars. I’m getting pretty nervous at this point. The tracking site looks fraudulent as well..

    1. Have you received it yet? I’m asking cause I too purchased something from there for around the same price. Tracking says it’s being shipped but that was one Oct 15th

      1. Hi Amy, thank you for sharing your feedback and doubt. it is quiet high time and it shall be delivered to you. do you think it is a safe decision to buy from here? if not then check from the payment team for the refunds. Probably you would get the refunds. Stay safe.

  2. I orderd a carburetor and 35 days later revived a tank top shirt
    What the not happy
    Was seventy five dollers and change

    1. Hello Rick Gibner, Fake people are around. All we need to take care with deals. It feels bad to hear such incidents happen with the buyers. One suggestion, if you are in doubt, straightway reach your payment company for a refund. They will help you. Thanks. Be aware and alert. Take care.

  3. Thoscal is indeed a fake site. They have copied there product to two new sites, as of today, they are Yorthe and Pleeox. All fake sites. They will take your cash, send a shipment of a cheap wallet, or some other cheap product, stating that they indeed shipped something to you. You will never get what you ordered.
    They will take down these two new sites soon and set up a couple of more sites.

    1. Hello Ljacqueline, thanks for the valuable information. The cheaters are used to such tricks and handle two three sites. They are smart and handle every situation. So buyers read the reviews before you purchase anything. Take care. Thanks.

  4. Yep! It is not real. They are thieves, thugs that are in business to just steal your money. Please don’t buy from them. They are scum backs. I purchased a used key board. Still waiting. Just posted a complain on the BBB website.

    1. Hello MK, Feels sad. Thanks for assurance, they are scammers. It is good to lodge a complaint to stop future scams with other buyers. Please update with further feedbacks. It is a necessity to stay aware and alert.

  5. Almost 5 months ago I ordered something from this website that cost me almost $70, it took them a month to send anything and the item they sent wasn’t the item I ordered. I reached out to them and they said they would send it again. This time the item got lost in the mail so I contacted them again and they sent it again but this time it said that the delivery person was unable to deliver it. I also noticed that the website they use to track the packages is unresponsive and you aren’t able to click on any of the tabs such as the one used to contact the people delivering it. I tried to request a refund and they said that they would only be giving me a partial refund, that was almost two months ago and I have still not received my refund. I’m pretty sure this website is a scam.

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