Thinkarete Reviews (Jan 2022) Another Scam Site Or Legit One

This presentation talks about Thinkarete Reviews and discusses every single knowledge of the store Thinkarete Com.

Do you also find it risky to shop any products from virtual stores which have quite a little information and are interested in getting additional exploration on different virtual selling stores across the United States?

Today we will let readers get enough information about Thinkarete Reviews, including Thinkarete Com portal websites specifications and other essential notes. This page provides readers with the basic facts of the mentioned shopping website and helps to know whether to buy from the given site or avoid shopping from there.

What Is Thinkarete Com?

This store is considered the best store for online shopping every essential item safely. Let’s tell you the best part of the site is its 18years and 235days old website. The site offers people to become a seller by login into the seller zone. But Is Thinkarete Legit one for sure? Does this site carry a lot of positive comments? Well, we are revealing the facts of it soon.

The portal sells different products, namely kitchen and dining, home décor, garden and patio, outdoor and life, jewelry collections, family, Nikki church, and lighting design. One can access items backed by brands such as Nikki Chu, sterling silver, blue Bay beach, and LYDK.

The site says it has authentic payment options provided to the customer and a money-back guarantee for safe shopping. Get yourself updated with the Thinkarete Reviews to be precise with the shop’s genuineness.

So this store is for those who want to get entire items from a particular store from clothing to sleepers, dining to kitchen, etc. The shop gives discounts of a minimum of twenty percent on every product.

Specifications Of Thinkarete Com:

  • Domain Date: 30 January 2003
  • URL Link:
  • Category: Online shop delivering different items of different categories to the people of UN.
  • Email: Not Displayed 
  • Address: the address information is unavailable; 
  • Contact Number: 8801747413273
  • Payment Modes: No details 
  • Return policy: no information 
  • Refund Policy: the money-back guarantee is given by this site
  • Delivery Policy: three days fast delivery. The page will deliver notes on Thinkarete Reviews soon
  • Social media pages: The social icons are being shown up on the home page of the store

Pros Of Thinkarete Com:

  • This online portal is an e-commerce shopping platform 
  • The site is eighteen years two hundred and thirty-five days old.
  • The site is being shown with a hundred percent trust score 

Cons Of Thinkarete Com:

  • The site hasn’t been reviewed anywhere yet
  • The portal contact information is not found
  • The about us section of the page shows an error when visited
  • The different sub-pages of the official website is not working 
  • The tracking order facility of the company is not working 
  • Many of additional information goes missing as there is an error from the website side which doesn’t give access to site information 

Is Thinkarete Legit?

  • Domain Age: it’s very old as it’s been 18 years and 235 days since actively providing services 
  • Trust Score: hundred percent trust score 
  • Reviews: No reviews and comments of the company is found anywhere 
  • Alexa Rank: The Alexa rank is 16,461,809
  • Policies: Policies pages shows an error 
  • Social media connection: icons are available and working 
  • Owners Information: contact information like email and address is not known 
  • Unrealistic Discounts: gives discounts on every item 

We get a suspicious thought after knowing the facts of the company which is mentioned up.

What Are Thinkarete Reviews Updated By Buyers Online?

The only things Thinkarete store is lacking are comments of purchasers on various reviewing sources.

However, the Company has its pages over Face book carrying millions of likes, but this post made by them has hardly 50 likes. So there are some chances that the site is a scam.

Often, scam sites charge prepaid money for orders of products, so what to do if the order is not delivered? – Get the information!

So currently there is not enough information about the reviews of this company.


Thinkarete Reviews are presently missing everywhere. You may check the site’s Facebook page for the people’s Comments and like over its posts. 

The website information provided in different sections doesn’t work and shows an error when we try to find its details. If you have been scammed, you may see How to get money back after an online scam.

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4 thoughts on “Thinkarete Reviews (Jan 2022) Another Scam Site Or Legit One”

  1. I want to know why they ask personal questions like, “when you were raised as a child did you have to share a room with a sibling?” They repeat this kind of invasive process a lot that has nothing to do with shopping that I can see. Very suspicious.

  2. It’s constantly asking probing questions asking people’s personal lives, either directly or indirectly finding out enough information to determine private health issues, your precise age and birthday, pet’s names, personal habits, health status (including what you eat), marital status, and just about everything someone needs to steal your identity and/or provide someone with eerily precise targeted marketing toward the people who participate. Think about some of these items: Are they the same questions your bank or other service providers ask you to provide as 2nd-level verification to access your accounts??? Don’t play their little game! Warn others not to as well.

    • A big thank you John Simpson! You had been really very vigilant and helpful as these points are not everyone’s cup of tea to understand. So please readers be advised and stay alert from playing such games so that your personal data could stay safe. Take care.


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