TheWiSpy Review – Best Android Tracker App of 2023

Complete Information About TheWiSpy Review - Best Android Tracker App of 2023

Having an affair, bullying someone to suicide, catfishing youngsters for sexual favors, cell phones can be the medium of any of these.

If you doubt your partner is cheating or want to know if your child is not searching explicit content online, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the good news; you can now monitor someone’s mobile activities using a cell phone spy app. And to save you money and time, we are reviewing the world’s most popular Android phone tracking software in this article, i.e., TheWiSpy!

An Overview About TheWiSpy

Simply put, TheWiSpy is a mobile phone tracking application that can help you peek on anyone’s cell phone or tablet. Wondering how?

As TheWiSpy is a mobile app, you can install it on any device you want to monitor, and it will record all the saved and live data. TheWiSpy then displays all the recorded information on an online dashboard, which you can access only. 

Above all, it works in complete stealth mode, so the person being spied on does not know. Sounds interesting? In addition to keeping an eye on someone’s cell phone activities, you can block contacts, set geofences, and control other phone actions too.

How Is TheWiSpy Useful in Modern Times?

The rise of social media and cheap internet availability has resulted in intense and fast communication among people. Cellphone users can instantly share contact information, pictures, and videos and make live video calls. Contacting someone is easy, and accessing any information or content is easier than ever.

The pace and accessibility made possible through cellular phones have made parents weary about the well-being and safety of their children – especially teenagers. In these modern times, TheWiSpy is a high-tech mobile spy software that allows parents to keep an eye on the mobile phone activities of their children.

From call recording and text message surveillance to accessing web browser history and camera spying – TheWiSpy offers a vast range of features for parents to keep an eye on their children’s phones.

Prominent Features:

Although TheWiSpy is a mobile phone tracking application that offers a vast range of features, here we will cover some of the most talked about features. Each feature is meant to give parents the essential check they need on their child’s phone. Let’s see what they are one by one.

1- Remotely Access Data

As a cell phone spy app, the best thing about TheWiSpy is the ability to remotely access the data of your target device. The only limitation is that you will need the target mobile device once for two to three minutes. 

The target device should be available on hand so you can download this spying app quickly. Once the app has been installed, you can remotely access the target phone’s data, regardless of time and place. 

2- Peek into the Media Gallery

Anyone trying to hide their phone’s media gallery will keep photos or videos tucked away in folders. This way, you will find it hard to reach video and image files, or you may not have ample time to check every folder to explore what’s hidden.

With the help of high-quality mobile spy software like TheWiSpy, you can easily peek into the whole media gallery. All types of media can easily be seen, from images and videos to GIF files.

3- Read Text Messages

Although social media apps like Whatsapp are widely used for texting purposes, there are still a lot of people who continue to use SMS for sending and receiving text messages. If your child or spouse tries to hide someone’s identity, they may keep the phone number unnamed.

A bunch of unnamed contacts in the text message section can make it daunting for you to find out what your child or spouse does not want you to read. But, with a mobile phone tracker app like TheWiSpy, you get all the time you need to open and read text messages and ensure if there is anything wrong going on. 

4- Control the Mobile Camera for Cam Surveillance

Another amazing benefit of using the Android phone tracking software TheWiSpy app is that you can control the camera of your target mobile device. This allows you to make a video or click pictures from the mobile device’s camera that’s being observed.

What’s more, is the 360-degree view. This means that you get the view of what’s in front of the phone camera and what’s around it.

5- Get Track of the GPS Location

Knowing where your deviant child or a cheating spouse is going is essential to save them from doing anything wrong. TheWiSpy is designed to help you navigate the location of your target phone.

As long as the internet is turned on, you can know the location of your target in real time. By doing so, you can either reach where they are, or you can claim with proof if they are hiding it from you.

6- Explore the Call History

Call history often gets deleted if your trusted one is trying to hide someone’s number from you. With the help of TheWiSpy, you can quickly see missed calls, incoming received calls and outgoing calls.

With such functionality, you can access the whole call log. No matter if the call history is deleted. The call log data loaded in the app will continue to stay safe in the app so that you can use it as proof. 

7- Keep an Eye on Social Media Activity

Smart people never risk keeping their secret data on their phone’s storage space, such as chats, images, videos, etc. They prefer to keep such data on their social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and keep it secure with a password.

TheWiSpy also has a solution to such secrecy. It provides you with the feature of social media surveillance. This means whenever the target device is logged in, you can easily access their chats and other data on social media.

8- Listen to Phone Conversations

You can also listen to phone conversations. The way to do so is to turn on the app’s phone call recorder! This way, all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target mobile phone are secretly recorded, so you know what’s happening.


After knowing the main quirks and features, you must be wondering how much does TheWiSpy costs? Are there any annual or monthly plans? Are the prices competitive etc.? Let’s look into the pricing.

The most cost-effective plan is the ‘Basic plan’, which offers the basic features. Here are the costs for the basic plan:

  • 1 month – $15.99
  • 3 months – $ 25.99
  • 6 months – $ 35.99

The second is the ‘Premium plan’, where you get more features such as video recording, call recording, picture capturing, and more. Here is the cost for the premium plan:

  • 1 month – $25.99
  • 3 months – $ 35.99
  • 6 months – $ 45.99

The last and the best is the ‘Platinum plan’ which has the full range of beneficial features that TheWiSpy can offer. From Tinder spy and Instagram spy to geofencing and lock screen remotely – a host of full features can be accessed with this plan. Here is the pricing for platinum plan:

  • 1 month – $33.99
  • 3 months – $ 59.99
  • 6 months – $ 99.99

Steps to Install and Run the App

Installation of TheWiSpy app is a simple process. After installation, running this application on your phone takes only three small steps.

Once you’ve made the payment, there are three required installation steps so that the app runs smoothly on your phone.

Step 1

Simply visit the website and make an account by signing up. After registration, you’ll need to physically access the target device so the app can be set up in it. Once you’ve taken the next small steps, then turn off ‘scan device for security threats’ option as guided.

Step 2

Click the downloading link from the set-up wizard page. After this, carefully read the ‘privacy policy’ for your good to accept the terms and conditions. Also, Enter the child’s name and age, and open the ‘device administrator’ to activate the app.

Note: You must allow all permission requests for a successful installation.

Step 3

After installation and configuration, you can jumpstart monitoring the target Android phone on your computer. Simply refresh the control panel, and get access to the newest details in a matter of seconds.

Concluding Lines

You can’t check your son’s or daughter’s phone all the time or constantly ask them about where they have been throughout the day. With access to smartphones, teens can now talk and connect with anyone in multiple ways. Today, they can call or text and connect with anyone globally on social media apps. TheWiSpy provides an all-in-one solution for parents, spouses, and employers to keep eyes on the digital activities of the targeted person’s phone. Not only that, it gives you the power to control cell phone actions of anyone you want.

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