Theofficialgoose com Reviews {June} Is It A Scam Or Not?

Theofficialgoose com Online Website Reviews

If you are looking for an unbiased review, go through our Theofficialgoose com Reviews, where we try to provide authentic information.

Have you ever tried shopping from a new website before checking its reviews and got scammed? So, today we are going to talk about a newly created site. This website is Theofficialgoose. It is an online shopping store that offers apparel, drinkware etc. 

This website has gained much attention in the United States, where people would like to know its legitimacy before shopping. So, today via our Theofficialgoose com Reviews article, get acquainted with all this site’s information and facts.

About Theofficialgoose Website

The Theofficialgoose website is a newly created e-commerce site that has existed since 2022/03/18. This website offers women’s and men’s apparel, outerwear, headwear, drinkware and stickers. They have many items on their website, but no discounts are available. 

This website’s owner seems to be someone named Craig Clark, but not much information is available on him. And they have not provided their company address or contact no. But this website has social media presence. Next, we will discuss the specifications to get clear about Is Theofficialgoose com Legit or not.

Specifications Of the Theofficialgoose Website

Let us carefully observe the below points.

  • Mode of Payments- Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are available.
  • Shipping Information- Products are shipped from the warehouse in 7-10 business days.
  • Company Address- Clayton NC 27520 8325 US HWY 70 BUS W.
  • Contact No- Not available.
  • Email Id-
  • Products Offered- apparel, drinkware, headwear, outwear and stickers.
  • Website Link-
  • Domain Establishment Date- The website was first established on 2022/03/18.
  • Return Policy- Any returning goods should be sent within 30 days.
  • Refund Policy-  Refund will be applied to your account within 3 business days.
  • Newsletter– There is a newsletter option given on their site.
  • Exchange Policy- Know via Theofficialgoose com Reviews that only products that are defective and damaged could only be exchanged.

There are always wrong and good sides to a site, so next, we will check those points.

Positive Points of the Theofficialgoose

  • There are many options available for the products.
  • The company Address is provided.
  • The website is safe and secure.
  • Social media accounts are available with huge followers.
  • The Url and Portal names are similar.

Negative Points of the Theofficialgoose

  • The company address is not genuine.
  • No deals are given.
  • Owner information is not given in-depth.
  • There are no customer reviews available.
  • The website is not traditional.

Is Theofficialgoose com Legit? Or Fake

Now, to know about the legitimacy of this website, we will draw the parameters below, which will help us decide.

  • Portal Registration Date- The website is known to be registered on 2022/03/18, just a few months ago.
  • Portal Termination Date- The website will be terminated on 2024/03/18.
  • Policies- Few policies are missing.
  • Content Quality-The return policy has been 83% copied and pasted from other sites.
  • Address Authentication- The company address provided does not seem like their address.
  • Owner Details- They have not given accurate details about the owner.
  • Customer Feedback- Customer Feedback is missing.
  • Social Media Accounts-Know via Theofficialgoose com Reviews, there are many followers on their social media accounts.
  • Discounts-Discounts are not available.
  • Trust Score- They have scored only 8%, which is meagre. And its raises the suspicion even more.
  • Trust Rank- The trust ranking has not been published yet. 

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, we could not find any reviews regarding this website’s customer reviews. There are reviews published anywhere. Reviews are not available on genuine reviewing sites or in any normal one. 

There are no article-based reviews or any evaluations available as well. And there are customer comments on their social media accounts also. It might also be because this website is very new. So, if you are having an issue while getting a refund via PayPal, check here via Theofficialgoose com Reviews.

Wrapping Up

The Theofficialgoose website was created recently that is active on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. On both of the accounts, they have huge followers. But the website’s trust score is poor, and the physical address is not authentic. 

And as the website is new, there are no customer reviews available. So, we can conclude by saying that the website seems suspicious for now. And we will ask you to wait for future updates. And, if you want a credit card refund, check here via Theofficialgoose com Reviews.

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