The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All {Aug} Know About It!

The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All {Aug} Know About It! >> This post tries to explain the reason for the dwindling number of taxis plying on the streets of cities post-pandemic.

The residents of New York are missing their taxi ride as their number has decreased compared to pre- Covid 19 level. The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All will try to find the reason behind the disappearance of yellow cabs from the streets of New York, United States.

As the vaccination rate increases and cities are opening up, people are getting back to their regular work. Still, for many New Yorkers, the iconic yellow taxi is not readily available for commuting.

New York and Yellow Cabs:

Yellow cabs are one of the oldest and cheapest ways of commuting in New York, but Uber and other app-based cab services became viable alternatives for yellow taxis. The recent rise in the price of app-based cab services has forced many to think “The Yellow Cab Go Where Did All”. 

There are many reasons people are missing their old taxi ride; according to media reports, each passenger has their reason for it. For some waving their hand to get the taxi and driver taking a turn to reach them feels somewhat unique, while some feel it’s too nostalgic to miss.

Price consideration is one of the main reasons for many passengers, as taxi rides are cheaper than app-based cab rides. People also prefer the subway nowadays as they are one of the shortest routes to reach the destination. 

The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All:

There were tens of thousands of yellow cabs plying on the streets of New York before the pandemic hit the city. At that time also yellow fleets were facing the heat from app-based cabs as they were more convenient and cheap.

During the peak of a pandemic, the number of taxis on the road almost reached nil; as the situation improved, it increased, but it is much lower than the pre-covid-19 level. According to reports, 66 per cent of the yellow taxi has gone, and only  3500 are on the road at present.

Around 80 per cent of taxi in New York belongs to fleet and rest are run by private owners.

The reason Behind The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All:

The dwindling number of yellow taxis plying on New York streets is the cause of concern for regular commuters and the workforce involved in the passenger commuting industry. Many have left the city and lost their livelihood, while taxi fleet owners are under a lot of financial stress.

Some of the reasons responsible for this situation are listed below:

  • The app-based cab service has hit the yellow taxi fleets heavily due to its low pricing.
  • The car insurance, $ 9600 and compensation insurance of $2500 were too much for yellow during the pandemic peak.
  • To save these costs, the fleet owner surrendered medallion and number plates.

Final verdict:

The Yellow Cabs Go Where Did All feels that authority should protect the traditional taxi industry from getting eliminated as it is too precious for New York. Yellow cabs are a good alternative for app-based cab service as they will keep the price grounded due to competition.

People commuting yellow taxi and app-based cab services can share their experience in the comment section and give their opinions about the post below. To know more about the story read it here.

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