The Photo Nasa Took On My Birthday {Feb} Know How To See

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Social media is full of trends. As the day passes, a new thing comes out to be trending on social media platforms. If you are active on social platforms, you might be aware of a trend going on social media with the hashtag hubble30 and many more.

In this article, we will learn about The Photo Nasa Took On My Birthday. People Worldwide are curious to know all the details. Scroll down to know everything.

What is the trend about?

Nasa has taken the initiative of recording what’s happening in the space 24hrs, 7 days a week. The Hubble telescope has been taking images from long time. There are many natural phenomena that happen in the universe, and the Hubble telescope records each and everything.

Hubble turned 30 in 2020. Nasa decided to release the photos each day of the year to celebrate the birthday. There are two Nasa websites where you can see the photos taken by Hubble. It would be interesting to know What Picture Did Nasa Take On My Birthday. Follow the steps below to get your birthday photographs. 

How to see your Nasa Birthday Photos?

Follow the given website link and steps to see your birthday photographs.

  1. Nasa Hubble – 
  • Go to the Hubble’s official website 
  • Click on ‘Your Birthday Image’ an option under ” Hubble’s 30th Anniversary”.
  • Fill in your birth date and month
  • Click on submit
  • You will get your birthday image.
  1. APOD-
  • Go to the APOD’s official website 
  • Click on ‘Discover The Cosmos,’ appearing at the top.
  • You will get a list of dates. Select the date you want.
  • You will get your birthday image of the universe.

The Photo Nasa Took On My Birthday

#Hubble30 first trended in tik tok, and then it came over to Twitter. People throughout the world are wondering about the photographs taken by Nasa. It has captured fascinating images of the universe. People are overwhelmed by this initiative of Nasa. This could only be possible because of the Hubble telescope.

APOD full form is Astronomy Picture of the Day, which displays the images of the respective day chosen by the people, along with that it also describes the image that professional astronomers write. Similarly, there is a brief description of the image given on the Hubble website. Numerous people were thinking about “The Photo Nasa Took On My Birthday”, they were very curious about the images. All steps are given in the article, check out yours.


You can check your birthday photographs taken by Nasa in a few easy steps. Nasa has been taking these photographs for a very long time. In 2020, Hubble celebrated its 30th anniversary. To know more about Nasa birthday photos, visit this link  

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