The Nazarene Fund Reviews {Aug} Read In Detail About It!

The Nazarene Fund Reviews {Aug} Read In Detail About It! >> This post contains information related to the humanitarian foundation, helping persecuted minorities in war-ravaged countries.

The current Afghanistan crisis has again brought Mercury one owner, Glenn Beck, in the news for attempting to save persecuted Christians in the troubled country. The Nazarene Fund Reviews will discuss the sister organization of mercury one, Nazarene fund, situated in Texas, United States. 

Through his Twitter account, Glenn Beck has asked people to donate money to the Nazarene fund for carrying out rescue operations in troubled countries and protect Christians and other minorities. At times questioned was asked about the working of funds under him.

About Nazarene fund:

This fund was established in 2015 by Mercury one and is also administered by it. Mercury one was founded in 2011 by media person Glenn Beck for providing humanitarian aid and educational support to people in crisis.

The Nazarene Fund Reviews found many Nazarene fund donors raising the question about merging its donation account with Mercury one as the organization’s goal is a little different. Mercury one has a broad approach towards humanitarian aid, while Nazarene is focused on rescuing persecuted Christian and other minorities throughout the world.

Some of the work performed by this fund are listed below:

  • To keep supporting persecuted minorities by searching them and liberating them from bondage.
  • It will help those who try to rebuild their lives and culture.
  • Fund will evacuate that person who is facing violence in the homeland and try to resettle them.
  • They will also protect the child from the clutches of child traffickers and bondage labor.

The Nazarene Fund Reviews found the following operation done by it in the war zone:

It was founded basically to help victims of ISIS in Syria and Middle East countries. The symbol Nazarene was used to convert, extort and kill peaceful civilians in countries ravaged by war; therefore, Glenn back used the same symbol to help people.

Some of the work done by the fund in Syria and other disturbed countries as per the foundation website:

  • According to the fund, they have assisted around 25,000 people in different ways.
  • Two Yazidi twins were rescued from the clutches of ISIS and rehabilitated.
  • They are helping people in Beirut, which is on the extremist radar for long as Christian constitutes 40 percent of the country’s population.

The Nazarene Fund Reviews:

Most of the things we have discussed till now are said by the foundation and appear a noble intention. The people associated with this movement are renowned and well known in their respective fields. Tim Ballard is CEO of this foundation and has a lot of experience saving the child from slavery and other prohibited works.

Four years back, they have raised $18 million and were targeted for 25 million dollars for helping 400 persecuted families. People raised the question about the intention of this fund, and they are currently under criminal investigation for providing sufficient evidence of their rescue work.

Fund donors, too, were complaining about the functioning of the foundation and transparency in financial matters.

Final verdict:

The Nazarene Fund Reviews found the intention of this organization noble, and the Afghanistan crisis has once again brought the relevance of this type of fund and groups. How to scrutinize their work and protect citizens’ money from being misused is the work of the Executive and Judiciary.

People funding these types of foundations can share their experiences in the comment section and give their opinion about the post below. To know more about the fund, read it here.

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