The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4 (Jan 2022) Details Inside!

The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4 (Jan 2022) Details Inside! >> Are you a great fan of online games and want to be updated for the upcoming series? Then, go through the whole article for more facts.

Are you in search of horror games that will test your patience for surviving till last? Then your search ends here. Kindly read this article to get complete details about a thrilling game. 

The game series are released on Roblox, which provides a platform for online gamers to play games and encourages game developers to release their matches based on the feasibility of the audience. 

This article will discuss The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4 and the reviews gained in the recent days. This game has gained popularity, especially within the United States. So let us discuss this popular series. 

Introducing The Mimic 

This game has numerous series and was developed by MUCDICH. It is generally based on a survival horror game and revolves around a group of students. Moreover, this game has published three series till now, and all of them have received appreciation.

Recently, the users have reported that yet another chapter, i.e., The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4, will be released to provide a horrific real-time experience to their audience while playing the game. 

What is the Plot of the Game?

The game’s plot will surround the old school, where you have to find your classmates without being killed. 

An evil ‘The Witch’ or ‘Sama’ will try to distract you while finding your group, either by causing harm or by killing you. It is to note that evil can change its appearance, thereby causing you to fail in your mission. 

The Gameplay of The Mimic

Since The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4 hasn’t been released yet, some users thought it could be an evolved version of the previous chapter. 

However, in general terms, the game play is full of various mazes, increasing the momentum of evil. Some mazes are provided by safe zones where you can rest or hide for a while. Also, the player is provided with stamina that helps to recover from the danger. 

The essential items, including keys, will help you progress to other chapters of the game. 

Gamers’ Viewpoints on The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4

We have gained several reviews, especially of the United States gamers, which discover that chapter 4 of this game was thought to be released on 9th July but hasn’t been disclosed yet. 

A couple of gamers have reflected their thoughts on social media platforms regarding the delay in the release of the game. Few of the users are disappointed, as they were excited for chapter 4. 

The users’ reactions have reflected that they are still waiting for the new chapter to arrive as the previous series were thrilling. 


The Mimic Roblox Chapter 4 is in the development phase, and thus a lot of excitement can be seen in the eyes of mimic lovers. Moreover, some gamers have shown disappointment over the developer for delaying the date. Few of them are still waiting for a further announcement regarding the released date. 

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