The Director of Naruto Die {June} About Anime Creator!

The Director of Naruto Die {June} About Anime Creator!>> Read about the man behind the rise of anime industry. Read to know his achievements.

The man behind the steering of Naruto, Osamu Kobayashi, passed away on 17 April 2021 after a prolonged battle with the ailment of kidney cancer. His age was 57 when he breathed his last. The animation industry of Japan and the entire world was left to lament when they heard about The Director of Naruto Die through a post on his social page on Twitter.

Early Life and Career 

Osamu Kobayashi was born on 10 January 1964 and was a multi-talented creator. He worked as a designer of mechanics, animator and director in the Japanese animation industry. He completed his graduation and started his career as an anime designer. The turning point in his life came when he took part in the functioning of Grandia, which is a video game involving the playing of roles. After the success of Grandia, he was focused on taking animation as his profession. The loss that the anime community has suffered on finding out that The Director of Naruto Die shall not be repaired until long.


Osamu Kobayashi mostly worked in creating Manga, which are cartoon characters in the series of novels related to comedy or graphics. Some of his best-known projects as a director are Paradise Kiss, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, the most popular one being Naruto: Shippuden and the latest one being episode 11 of Rinshi! Ekoda-chan. His efforts to deliver the best of his abilities and letting his imagination visualized in the form of graphics were truly commendable, which is more so the reason why The Director of Naruto Die came across as a shocking fact for most of us.

He excelled in other roles as well, and the works include Zoids: Genesis, where he contributed to digital designing, the video game Gungrave where he conceptualized the art and mechanics, and so on. 

Most Popular and Admired: Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki is a Japanese agent or ninja who receives attention from his friends and fantasizes about being his village leader. Two phases of Naruto’s life have been depicted in this series: before and after his teenage. The series was printed in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1999 to 2014, followed by its telecast in United States and United Kingdom, which made Osamu Kobayashi more renowned for his flair. 

Conclusion on The Director of Naruto Die:

It is a message that shall indeed take time to sink in. He was truly a person with a dedicated aptitude towards animation, which was also one of his likings, apart from rock music. The post on his Twitter account regarding his demise stated that he would like to take birth again and contribute more to the same genre. As viewers and lovers of animation, we can pray and hope that his soul may direct itself to the above statement. For further information on The Director of Naruto Die, click on the given link.

To avoid confusion, please note that there is another animation director also named Osamu Kobayashi, who was born in 1945 and is still alive.

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