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Read information about financial help provided by TDHCA via a new website Texasutility Help com for paying electricity, gas, propane, and water bills.

Are you a resident (or) a renter living in Taxes in the United States? Did you face disconnection of utilities such as electricity, water, or gas? Do you need financial help in paying your utility bills? 

Did you know that the TDHCA website offers funds to pay utility bills? Let’s scrutinize Texasutility Help com. Do you come under the low-income group category as per guidelines set by Federal Poverty Income (FPIG)?

About TexasUtilityHelp.com:

TexasUtilityHelp.com was launched on 6th June 2022. It is one month and three days old website. It is a LEGITIMATE website, officially announced on 7th July 2022, for public access by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).

TexasUtilityHelp.com is a platform where legal residents of Texas need to register to get benefits up to $2,400 on their electricity, gas, and propane bills and to get up to $600 funding for their water bills.

About Texas Utility Help Program: 

TDHCA in cooperation with the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), will pay your utility bills directly to the utility company. The residents of Taxes will not receive money in their bank accounts.

To qualify for the program, 

  1. The total household income must be below 150% FPIG,
  2. At least one member of the household must be a US citizen, and
  3. For water utility, the household must be at the risk of disconnection or already disconnected due to nonpayment of water bills.

The household must register on the Texasutility Help com website by enrolling:

  • Identity card,
  • Proof of legal residency,
  • Proof of citizenship,
  • Utility bills can include electricity, water, gas, or propane bills,
  • Income documentation of each household member, and
  • Past due bills, bills showing a risk of getting disconnected, or documentation of disconnection.

The registered users and their applications are reviewed to check if they qualify for the program. Within a short period, the eligibility status is updated on the website pages (https://txutility.corerelief.com/content2/access/login). 

Once the application is approved, TDHCA will directly pay the utility bills on behalf of the household to the respective utility company. Any fraudulent application can be reported at 1(833)613-7283. You can seek more information about Texasutility Help com program by calling 1(855)-566-2057.

The website is launched to facilitate applications for utility bills by filling out a single form. TDHCA is encouraging enrollment into the platform as soon as possible. The TDHCA has $50 million in funds ready to be released for the program.


Due to its recent launch, the website has a Zero Alexa ranking, 14.8% business rank, and an 8% Trust score. Hence, as the website becomes old and people access it, its scores will increase over time. TexasUtilityHelp.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol and has a valid SSL certificate for the next 341 days. Texasutility Help com reviews suggest that it is a Legitimate website launched by TDHCA.

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