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This write-up explained the Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction. Go through the article to know more about the latest updates.

Are you a lover of basketball games? then, the NCAA march madness is vigorous in your mind.

The NCAA tournament is one of the biggest annual sports of the United States held in early spring every year.

Tennessee and Villanova are the awaiting play by fans. The winning team is unpredictable by all of us. Are you too waiting for news eagerly? 

We have some updates about winning predictions between Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction teamsNow, let us understand both teams in the below section.

What is the NCAA March madness?

NCAA March Madness is the men’s basketball tournament. It is a single-elimination tournament played in early spring. 

The tournament was created in 1963 by NCAA. The 68 college teams play this tournament with 32 games with single elimination. 

The well-known players like Tennessee, Villanova, Kentucky, Arizona, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Longwood, and more. Tennessee is one of the leading teams in the tournament, along with Villanova.

Let us look into the game with Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction.

This year, the winning prediction between both is that Tennessee gets 23%, and Villanova is getting an 18% chance of winning the title.

About Tennessee.

The Tennessee team has few plus points. This team got a 4 head guard player named Rick Barens, a top-tier player.

  • Kennedy Chandler is a player who is a leading point guard. At this tournament, he is best at his game. 
  • Zakai is a player, who is reliable with his speed and as the 2nd point guard. 
  • Josiah James changed Tennessee when he was progressively firing at a high clip over February. 

This group provides Tennessee an unintended opportunity to earn any game in the tournament.

Still, there is more information to read about Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction.

About Villanova

Villanova is two times winning team of the tournament. 

The team has a double point guard Collin Gillespie. A few more players have an efficient, balanced offense, namely, Justin Moore, Jermaine Samuels, Brandon Slater, and Caleb Daniels. This team has a strong defense, leadership, and experienced players like Collin Gillespie and Jermaine Samuels, who have played in earlier title-winning plays.

The team is under good coach Jay Wright, one of the best coaches in all-time seasons. The team’s overall efficiency is 11, which is the best sign.

These are a few points that elaborate the strengths of both teams for prediction.

Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction

Both teams are equally caliber to win this national title by the points mentioned above. Our research found that Villanova’s winning chance is more significant than Tennessee’s, as the latter won the championship two times.

So, let us see who can be the winner of this year.

Note: All the information gathered in this article is from the web.


The NCAA tournament is an excellent experience for the viewers who enjoy a lot of excitement.

This is a refreshing game with a wild prediction of the winner of this year. 

Tennessee vs Villanova Prediction is accepted to grab the interest of the public.  If you are not satisfied with the information, post your comment here.

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