Tastyw Reviews {Nov 2021} Is This A Legitimate Website?

Tastyw Online Website Reviews

Do you want to shop from Tastyw? If so, read out Tastyw reviews before coming to the final buying decision.

Are you looking for the best shop for designer outfits? If so, you must have heard about Tastyw, a new website portal for online shopping in the United States. It looks like the best portal for buying trendy outfits, including skirts, sweaters, etc. 

Not only apparel, but you will also find toys for kids at a very reasonable price. If you would like to shop here, so it is crucial to know Tastyw Reviews to analyze whether it is safe to shop or not. Let’s discuss!

About Tastyw 

Tastyw looks like the best portal to shop toys and apparel for girls. While checking it’s about us page, we found it as the best platform with a fantastic collection of designer clothes specially picked for you. Moreover, they offer the very best quality that lasts longer. 

Here are the details of products you can shop from Tastyw.

  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Sweater
  • Toys
  • Cardigans
  • Home 
  • Power

Well, it indeed interests you. But before doing any shopping, it is must consider Is Tastyw Legit? We will discuss briefly in this article, so stay tuned and read this post till the end. 

Tastyw Features:

  • Website: https://www.tastyw.com/
  • Company’s contact address: 352 North St. APT 1, Boston MA 02113, United States.
  • Shipping policy: 5-7 Business days
  • Refund policy: 30 days 
  • Payment method: Paypal, Visa, discover, etc. 
  • Email-address: tastyw.sale@outlook.com /   JacylnSiniardxdq36@gmail.com
  • Phone no: +1 857 259 3477

Pros of Tastyw

  • Wide range of products, including toys, apparel, and power
  • Provide high-quality fabric and multiple designed items
  • Good Return period available

Cons of Tastyw

  • It has no presence on social media
  • The site is poorly structured 
  • Products are quite expensive

Is Tastyw Legit?

As you know, the trend of getting into the trap is at its peak. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the legitimacy of the site. For the safer side, we have analyzed Tastyw to ensure you have made the right decision. 

Now, look at some facts related to Tastyw.

  • The domain of Tastyw was created one month 18 days ago, i.e., 2021-09-28. 
  • The site has a 2% trust score, so it is critical to rely on the site’s worthiness.
  • The site uses an HTTPs security system
  • Tastyw Reviews indicate that site is very suspicious
  • The homepage is poorly designed
  • Owner information is missing
  • About us, information seems unclear
  • The physical address is mentioned
  • Details of the products are explained
  • No presence on social media

So, you can see that all the details indicate Tastyw as a suspicious site. The major flaw of the site is that it has 2% trust score. Additionally, the site has no details about the owner. Thus, we can say the site is not worth shopping. Still, if you want to give it a try, go ahead but at your own risk. 

Tastyw Reviews

To ensure our decision, we conducted in-depth research on the web and found the site has a very bad trust score. While checking its social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, and more, we found it is suspicious as they haven’t created their presence yet. Moreover, we haven’t found a single customer review who shopped from the site. 

All the factors express that it is not a safe site. However, being a new site, it might have no value, but it is best to choose an alternative method of shopping. The most important thing you can’t ignore in Tastyw Reviews is customer value. 

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How to shop from Tastyw?

While shopping on this platform, you do not need to create your ID. Just add desirable items into your cart and shop. It reflects a sign of a scam site. Another thing, the site does not offer COD, which means you have to pay first. So whether the product will arrive or not, no one says that 100%.

Here’s how to shop:

  • Choose the product you want to buy
  • Add that product to your cart
  • Go to the cart section and choose the shipping
  • Then complete the checkout process
  • Enter the billing details, and your order is placed; when payment clears

Final Words

To conclude Tastyw Reviews, we could say that with 100% confidence, Tastyw is not a safe site for shopping. It is best to pick an alternative that gives worth to your money and efforts. 

While shopping on Tastyw, there will be no guarantee you can collect your parcel or not. In addition, they will not refund your money. Therefore, to avoid scams it is a must to shop from trusted sites only.

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6 thoughts on “Tastyw Reviews {Nov 2021} Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. This website is a scam. We ordered a carpet cleaner and they sent us tracking information that said it had shipped a day before we even ordered it and then they said it was shipped and never arrived.

    1. Hello Ralph, How much they lie, it’s out of our thought. They just argue and ignore. They are scammers and it’s doubtful to get any order. Please ensure your purchase before you place any order. How long back you placed an order? Please let us know. Update here.

  2. Thank you for the valuable information! I almost made a horrible purchase and lost a lot of money. I appreciate the free research you provided and am truly greatful for your service. I hope you continue to expose online scammers!

    1. Hello Eric L., it’s good to update reviews for the future buyers. The buyers can get a clear idea to deal with. It is important to search before you carry on. Happy to hear, you did a right search on time. It is suggestible, to do prior research about the product. Thanks. Take care.

  3. Tastyw.com is a definite scam. Tastyw.com took my order and money and never I heard or received my item purchased. Had to get PayPal to refund my money, which they did. After PayPal contacted tastyw.com, tastyw.com provided a bogus usps tracking number. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM TASTYW.COM. Buyer beware ….

    1. Hello R Binner, Happy to hear you got a refund. It is always better to contact the PayPal or however you paid. It is only the way to get money back. Otherwise scammers will just provide unnecessary tracking numbers or they will give fake address. Thanks you so much for the information. Take care.

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