Takshudi Reviews [Aug] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

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By Marifilmines Team

Read the content to know in detail about the Takshudi Reviews, which is an online ecommorce portal.

Who in this world is not obsessed with cool printed shirts and t-shirts, right? Whether on vacation or wearing it casually, shirts and t-shirts are a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Today we will be exploring Takshudi.com, which is based in India. This portal is based in Surat, which is the textile hub of this country. 

This place is home to many textile mills and produces much manmade fibre in the nation. So there’s no doubt that the product received from there will be of good quality. We will check for Takshudi Reviews on the internet as we know India is also the biggest producer of online frauds, so in this article, we will be checking if this site is genuine. 

What is Takshudi com?

Takshudi is an ecommerce portal that deals in printed shirts for men and women. They have a fantastic collection of printed shirts and t-shirts at a very reasonable price, and they provide shipping to all over the world. They are giving good discounts, and the designs look fantastic too. But buying online that too from India, which is now the hub of digital fraud, is risky. So Is Takshudi Legit? Let’s explore more and try to find the answer to this question. 

Specification of Takshudi com

  •  URL– www.takshudi.com
  •  Age of Domain—nearly seven months old
  •  Registration date—26th January 2021
  •  Contact no.– +91 8160965916
  •  Email—takshudi2020@gmail.com
  •  Address—2015- Raj Textile Market Near Goadadra Road, Surat. 395010
  •  Return policy— 7 days return policy
  •  Shipping policy—within 24 hours
  •  Social media existence—Available on Tumblr and Pinterest
  •  Payment method—PayPal and All debit and credit card

Pros of Takshudi

  •  SSL certificate found
  •  Existence on popular social media platforms

Cons of Takshudi

  • Takshudi Reviews does not exist on their social media platform
  • While checking mobile no. they have provided its either switched off or not reachable
  • Refund policy is substandard 
  • No proper address given on their site
  • They don’t have a presence on popular social media platforms instead. They have accounts on not so famous platforms
  • Scam adviser has given trust score of 55% only
  • WHOIS data is hidden 
  • This portal is very young, and they don’t have much traffic on their site 

Is Takshudi Legit?

There are many e-commerce portals available worldwide on the internet. As we have discussed some pros and cons above, its clear that this site is suspicious. They are offering heavy discounts on their website. Apart from good quality products and cheap prices, many other factors are essential for any online portal. Let’s discuss some of them.

  •  First of all, the address mentioned on their site is not the same if you want to return your product.
  •  Portal is based in the textile hub of the country, which is a good point
  •  Neither positive nor negative Takshudi Reviews exist on their social media accounts or anywhere on the internet
  •  Trust score given by Scam adviser is Just 55 %
  •  Contact no they have mentioned on their site does not work
  •  Attractive products with attractive prices 
  •  Their Refund policy is unauthentic

After exploring all possible factors, this site seems fraud. They are providing such good products at cheap prices, but they haven’t offered anything trustworthy. Information provided by them on their portal is insufficient for building trust in the consumer.

What are the Takshudi Review?

No reviews are shared by customers online of this site. Therefore, it is not safe to buy from this site. Furthermore, they don’t have a presence on trusted social media platforms like instagram or Facebook, where customers can give reviews. 

All key points we have provided in this article lead us to decide that this site can’t be trusted. We have called on the number they have provided, switched off, and checked their address on Google map but found nothing. Protect yourself from such websites and also find out how you can avoid credit card scam


We have done deep research on the Takshudi Reviews article, but nothing positive comes out of that, as all points indicate that this site is a scam. Therefore, one should avoid this site or wait to get them registered on trusted social media platforms from where you can read authentic customer reviews. Otherwise buying from this site can put you in trouble and you may face scam likea Paypal scam.

Will you trust such website and buy anything? Write in the comment section. 

2 thoughts on “Takshudi Reviews [Aug] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?”

  1. This website is not trustworthy I ordered one shirt and 2 t-shirts but they came with the different sizes according to their will. Now when I am trying to exchange the product there is no response from their end which means I dropped a mail but till today I haven’t got any response. On the other hand the number which they gave in their website always switched off. So basically they’re running a scam where no aftersales support or reviews can be seen.


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