Takata Airbag Scam {Oct 2021} Curious to Know, Go Ahead!

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Read the content and check the details of the Takata Airbag Scam and how the lifesaving airbags of Takata can put you in danger.

Do you know more than 19 automakers have been recalled to replace airbags installed on the passenger side? Takata is one of the major suppliers of airbags has been providing its services for car models of 2002 worldwide, including Australia.

But the problem is that these airbags can be explosive and may cause serious injuries to the car occupants. So, an urgent recall has been made to ensure the safety of people. 

By sharing today’s content, we will make you aware of Takata Airbag Scam and reveal how the airbags can even kill people.

Few words about Takata

It is an automotive parts company in Japan. The corporation was established in 1933 and started producing lifelines for parachutes. With the expansion of their services, they made seat belts in 1995. It was the first company in Japan to make a crash test plant to test the seat belts under real conditions.

Later on, it started providing its services internationally to major countries like the United States, England, and Korea.

What is Takata Airbag Scam?

The airbag inflator has ignited with explosive force. So, in case your car’s inflator housing ruptures during a crash, then the metal shards will move out from the airbag and will spread into the passenger cabin. This, in turn, will result in a disastrous outcome. The lifesaving device will become the reason for your injuries. 

Takata has made airbags that contain ammonium nitrate-based propellant but without dry chemical agents. As a result, moisture, humidity, high temperature, and other environmental factors truly affect airbags’ inflation.

Takata Airbag Scam has resulted in 19 deaths and four hundred major car accidents till now.

Takata Recall – The need of the Hour! 

More than ten million vehicles with Takata airbags are under recall. Long-term exposure to heat can cause damage to their cars. So, NHSTA urges car owners to move ahead and replace their airbags.

Around 67 million airbags have been recalled as these airbags may lead to serious injuries. So, you need to look into all the details so that you can be protected.

However, to keep yourself protected from the Takata Airbag Scam, all the car owners need to follow a few steps – 

  • By using the vehicle identification number, check for the recall details.
  • Fix your appointment with local car dealers. 
  • The dealer will not take any charges to replace your airbags.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the recall alerts. So, that you must remain updated with all future recalls.

How is the car repair being prioritized?

The car replacement parts are firstly being available for areas with high temperature and humidity. However, it is expected that northern areas will have to wait for some time to access the parts. Till then, you must remain in contact with the local car dealers.


By sharing the final verdict on the Takata Airbag Scam, we are closing the content. The company has pleaded guilty to its activities and is replacing its airbags to ensure the safety of the car occupants. However, Takata Corporation 1995 Recall was also recognized as a big recall in the company’s history.

What are your views about the Takata services? Comment it down.

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