Tactful Store Reviews {March} Is This A Legitimate Website

Read about Tactful Store Reviews, an online store selling home improvement products. Know about the legitimacy of Tactful.store below.

Are you looking to decorate your home with unique utilities and furniture? Would you like to buy home improvement products online in the United States? Are you a collector of designer furniture with different unique themes? While searching for your requirements on the internet, did you come across Tactful.store?

Before you make a purchase at Tactful.store, we recommend you to read Tactful Store Reviews to know if it is authentic?


Tactful.store is an online e-commerce site selling unique and high utility home improvement products. Tactful.store aims at supplying outdoor utilities, clothes, daily use, and festival products that are beautifully designed and serve multipurpose goals. However, the email address of Tactful.store is linked to bluescarf.store that does not exist and redirects you to a Chinese website.

There are only 95 products listed on the Tactful.store. A few popular products are:

Modular Cat Bed

  • Lovely Walky Chair
  • Collapsible Dessert Rack
  • Flower Garden Chandelier
  • Cat Exercise Wheel
  • 6-in-1 Modular Bag
  • Garden Moon Recliner
  • Banana Lounger, Etc

Features to check Is Tactful Store Legit:

  • Buy masks at: https://www.tactful.store/.
  • Social media links: Present on Tactful.store but, the links redirects you to ‘Contact Us page of the website
  • Price: between $9.90 to $46.79.
  • Physical Address: not provided by Tactful.store.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: Posting customer reviews are supported. But, blogs are not present.
  • Terms and Conditions: mentioned but copied from several sites on Tactful. store.
  • Privacy policy: Tactful.store did not mention the privacy policy.
  • Phone number: not provided by Tactful.store.
  • Store locator: not included.
  • Delivery: The home improvement products are delivered depending on your location by Tactful.store.
  • Shipping: There is a processing time of one to five days on Tactful.store.
  • Tactful Store Reviews on Tracking policy: The tracking number will be informed within seven days.
  • Return Policy: There is 14 days return policy on Tactful.store. 
  • Cancellation: the order can be canceled within the first twelve hours on Tactful.store.
  • Refunds: if the returns are approved, the amount will be sent to the original channel of payments within certain days.
  • Email address: kaihuaan@bluescarf.store.
  • Mode of Payment: All major credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted in USD.
  • Newsletters: Tactful.store does not provide newsletters.
  • Owner’s details: The information about the owner of the Tactful.store is hidden using an internet service.


  • Tactful Store Reviews does not find many advantages of buying from Tactful.store except that the items are available at more than 44% discount.


  • Limited information on the website regarding contact information, policies, FAQs, Etc.
  • Poor website design without searching criteria and no validation of user inputs
  • The information provided for order processing time is contradictory

Is Tactful.store Legitimate? 

  • Tactful.store Creation:19th October 2021 at 12:00:00 AM.
  • Tactful.store Last updated on:no data.
  • Tactful.store Expiry:no data.
  • Tactful.store Age:3 months old. 
  • Trust Index: Tactful.store has an average trust rank of 60%. 
  • Alexa ranking: Tactful.store has a poor ranking on Alexa standing at 1,755,478, considered to check Is Tactful Store Legit?
  • Place of origin:No data is available regarding country of origin for Tactful.store.
  • Status of Blacklisting: No blacklisting engines had blacklisted the Tactful.store.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity:29/100 is a negative sign.
  • Threat Profile:37/100, considered bad.
  • Phishing Score:14/100, a negative highlight.
  • Malware Score:37/100, considered terrible.
  • Spam Score:1/100, which is considered good.
  • Connection Security: Tactful.store sends and receives the data via a valid and secure HTTPS protocol. 
  • Contact person: Tactful.store did not specify the specific person to contact.
  • Social relations: Tactful.store is not present on social media sites.
  • Owner’s contact: the contact information for the owner of Tactful.store was hidden using an internet service. 

Customers Tactful Store Reviews: 

There are 29 reviews posted on Trustpilot regarding Tactful.store giving a terrible rating of 1.5/5 stars. All the reviews were negative. The customer reviews pointed out that Tactful.store is carrying business of Bluescarf.store. The products were undelivered, incorrect products delivered of a low value, which is a scam.

Product reviews are present on Tactful.store. However, as all product reviews on Tactful.store are positive, they are considered fake. 

There were no Tactful.store reviews found on social media sites, the internet, and YouTube. However, as Tactful.store is potentially a scam accepting PayPal payments, please be aware of PayPal Scams.  


Tactful Store Reviews concludes that Tactful.store is potentially a scam due to high Threat Profile, poor Alexa ranking, Average trust score, missing contact information, no data available for domain updates, etc. Additionally, no positive feedback was found on the internet for the Tactful.store.

As Tactful.store could potentially be a scam taking CreditCard payments, we recommend you Read About Credit Card Scams

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6 thoughts on “Tactful Store Reviews {March} Is This A Legitimate Website”

  1. Scam scam scam. Sent me a candle holder when I order a wooden robot bar. Told me he would refund 20% or I can pay to have it shipped back to China and this was his message to me. “Dear Customer,

    Sorry, I didn’t reply to your message in time.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the quality of products you received. In order to express our sincere apologies and reduce your losses, we hope to refund 20% of your total order as compensation. Can you accept it?

    If you cannot accept the compensation I provide and want a full refund, you need to return our product. However, returning the product to China can be cumbersome, requires you to spend a lot of time and effort waiting for the refund, and you must ensure that the returned product is not damaged in order to receive a full refund.

    If you agree with my proposal, I can pay you immediately. Hope you consider my suggestion.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Have a nice day. good luck!”

    I fell for it so it was my mistake but clearly he doesn’t have any intention of actually sending what I thought I got.

  2. SCAM
    Did receive a few useless items and asked for refund. Was offered 20% discount because shipping to China would have been costly and difficult.

  3. I ordered the cute cabinet almost 3 months ago. Nothing received and no one to contact.
    I just want my order. If not my money back.


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