Tacochild Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This A Scam Online Site?

Hope this article will give you a clear view of the legitimacy of the site. So, do not forget to read the Tacochild Reviews.

Are you looking for a website where you can shop for kids’ products such as toys?  So, today we will provide you with the full information of such a website named Tacochild.

This website specializes in kids’ products. But before shopping for anything from this site you need to have full knowledge of this website, such as the essential key points for judging the legitimacy of this site. Also, people from the United Kingdom are eager to know about Tacochild.

So, before approaching this site carefully read our Tacochild Reviews and get to know more about this site. 

About Tacochild

Tacochild is an online business platform that claims to deal with kids’ products especially kids’ toys, plushies and learning toys. Besides dealing with kids’ products they also offer parents products as well. The products on the site are well presented and the price also seems quite reasonable. 

But, don’t judge the website just based on the price. It also might be a trap to attract more customers. They have mentioned that their top priority is customers happiness and satisfaction and also work with a team of experts on bringing new trends for the customers.

So, kindly read further this article if you are interested in knowing about the Tacochild website.

Important Key Factors to Judge Is Tacochild Legit

  • Domain creation – The website was formed on 2021/03/22, making it a new website and just being 9 months old.
  • Payment Options- The accepted forms of payment are Amex, Apple Pay, Discover, Diners Club International, Master Card, Visa etc.
  • Delivery time – Reached within 5-8 business days.
  • Shipping Charges- £3.95 to £4.95
  • Website link- https://www.tacochild.com/
  • Products- Plush toys, dolls, action figures, puzzles, learning toys, fitness, jewelry and accessories etc., considering the  Is Tacochild Legit post.
  • Email Address- contact@tacochild.com
  • Physical Address- 71-75, Shelton Street City, London
  • Contact Number- 44 753-713-2912
  • Social Media Presence- It has an account only over Facebook with a very few number of followers.
  • Return Policy- Should be returned within 30 days.
  • Refund Policy- The refund policy mentioned on the website is refund credited to the original mode of payment with 7 days.
  • Exchange Policy- Exchange policy given

Now, further, in these Tacochild Reviews, we will talk about the Merits and Demerits of shopping from this site. So, keep your patience and continue reading further, so that you won’t face any problems while shopping.

Merits of Tacochild

  • The website is protected by HTTPS protocol.
  • The newsletter option is available on the website.
  • Has social media presence.
  • The website has a verified email address.
  • It has got a long life expectancy.

Demerits of Tacochild

  • The physical address doesn’t seem genuine.
  • Trust score is below average.
  • A genuine contact number is missing.
  • The website is not popular and the products are not available on the market.

Is Tacochild A Fake Website?

So, with the help of the below-mentioned points, you will get to know about the validity of this site. So, check the key points of Tacochild Reviews.

  • Trust Score- Trust scores only 33% which is below average.
  • Trust Rank- The website’s Trust rank is 58.1% which is an average score.
  • Domain Age- The portal was created on 2021/03/22.
  • Domain expiration date- The portal is valid till 2024/03/22.
  • Alexa Rank- The website has got an Alexa ranking of 1,887,114.
  • Policies- Policies are mentioned clearly on the website.
  • Social Media- Found only over Facebook.
  • Consumer’s Reviews- Found on Trustpilot with only one review with a 3.7 rating.
  • Plagiarized content- The content of the website is plagiarized.
  • Discount- No discounts on their products.
  • Company’s Address – Their address doesn’t seem genuine.

Consumers’ Tacochild Reviews

So, after gathering information from this review session, we have found only one single customer review on trust pilot with a 3.7 rating and it also doesn’t have any reviews on their Facebook account or any other reviewing portal as well.

So, after going through the above points it makes us question the validity of this website, whether it is legit or a scam? So, make the right decision before buying and also do thorough research on this website. Want to know about the Paypal Scam then visit here.

The Bottom Line

So, after collecting information about Tacochild we have found out that it is an online kids store that offers toys collections. But, the drawback of this site is that this website only has one positive review and it also doesn’t have many followers and its products are also not popular.

Hence, all these above points from Tacochild Reviews makes us to say that be very careful before losing your money and if you are searching for how to get a refund through credit card scams, check here.

So, if you have any questions or any doubts about this website? Kindly send your comments in the box below. 

16 thoughts on “Tacochild Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This A Scam Online Site?”

  1. I have recently bought a £160 jacket from their sight on the 27th of December. I have still heard nothing from them after sending a countless number of emails and despite their 5-8 delivery time. Do you know how I would be able to get my money back or any type of refund, maybe even a way to get through to them as it clearly is a scam.

    • Hello Harry Gates, we feel nervous, you have not received the order. It can be suggested to check with your payment company and get a refund. Please let us know further updates. Be cautious. Thanks & regards.

      • My daughter spent her Christmas money with this company. She’s only 15 and used all her savings to buy a coat through this company. She’s heartbroken to still be waiting for it and now finding out this company isn’t legit. I’m livid . Unfortunately she didn’t do the research on this company. A mistake a lot of people make. She used her own account ( not PayPal or other ). Hopefully a visit to her bank will get her money back but we’re not sure. Do not use this company….EVER

        • Hello Toby Jackson, we feel nervous, your daughter has not received the order. We can understand how she must be feeling. Hope you get a refund. Check with the genuine portal and get the desired product. Be aware. Take care. Thanks & regards.

          • Hello Heidi, it is good, you received the order. Is the product as advertised? Please drop the feedback, so other buyers can get the details and get an idea about the portal. Be careful. Thanks & regards. Take care.

    • Yeah same as me! How’s going with ur refund? I emailed them twice and no reply at all. I decided to get my refund now, which payment company should I contact? Many thanks!

      • Hi, i recently ordered from this site and same as me it’s been 10 days since ordering and was getting curious of where my parcel was I did receive a tracking number for it and so you guys know if this was a scam or not?

    • hello everyone I bought a the north face jacket on December 29, 2021 costing £ 164, after a few days I received the royal mail tracking code, looking at its tracking sites it says it is arriving from 01/03/2022. still today 15/01/2022 the tracking is still there, they say 5-8 working days but sure it’s a scam, I contacted the Royal mail uk and they tell me that the tracking code is not in the system, what can I do to get the money back?
      Can I go to the police and report these?

    • Hi,

      Did you have any luck? I’m in a similar situation. I bought a jacket and on Boxing Day and been trying to get in contact with these people for my money and they are not replying to my emails and not to mention the fake number that they put on their website. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE…!

  2. I bought clothes on this website and was informed that my packages were shipped. However, I haven’t received any package and I cannot track the package by the reference number they provided. I sent them emails but haven’t received any reply. So I contacted my bank hoping that I could ask my money back.

    • Hello Xiang, it is good you reach your bank for a refund option. Did you get any reply from the bank? Let us know if you get any updates. So, the other buyers can get an idea about it. Be aware and alert. Thanks & regards. Take care.


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