Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken (Jan 2022) For One Week!

The guide shares details about the new Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken added for one week on the menu.  

Taco Bell needs no introduction as it is a multinational fast-food chain known for mouthwatering tacos. However, there is good news for the non-vegetarian fans as the fast-food joint has announced to add chicken wings to their menu, but for one week. 

The fast-food chain has announced the new addition to their menu for a limited period, and the loyal patrons are getting excited to grab the special offers soon after it launches. 

Fans in the United States can sign-up for the new Taco Bell Rewards member in the app and get free Doritos Locos Tacos along with Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken for one week.     

What is Wings Crispy Chicken?

Starting from 6th Jan 2022 Thursday and for a limited period, Taco Bell consumers can order the crispy bone-in chicken wings, available from 2 PM. However, the crispy chicken is added to the menu for a selected participating location across the United States.  

The special menu comprises five different chicken wings coasted with the Mexican Queso seasoning, and they are served with the signature spicy ranch dip. The special item in the menu is made available after 2 PM.

The price of each five-piece of chicken wings is $5.99, and customers must order it quickly as it is available during one week only. 

How to Locate Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken Near You?

To know the nearest location for the special offer, you must visit the official website of Taco Bell and enter the zip code of your location. 

A statement has been released, where the company’s spokesperson said that the chicken wings would only be available in the participating locations of America.

Consumers may also follow the fast-food joint on Twitter and get more details about the restaurants and locations where the Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken is available with discounts and offers.   

What’s More Taco Bell Has to Offer?

Apart from the chicken wings, consumers can also enjoy other mouthwatering items on the menu during the week. 

Customers who want to try other items apart from chicken wings must grab a Fiesta Veggie Burrito, Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa, and also a new Island Berry Freezer drink.

Besides, the company has also launched a digital taco subscription where the customers get the chance to redeem a free taco each day up to 30 days apart from Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken.     

Consumers looking for the Taco Lover’s Pass can also purchase the pass from the website or application with a $10.


Taco Bell is the fast-food joint that is quite popular for its delicious tacos. But recently, the restaurant chain has announced to add a new item to their menu to attract non-vegetarian customers. 

However, the special offer is limited as customers can grab their Taco Bell Wings Crispy Chicken for one week, starting from 6th Jan 2022 at 2 PM. 

Apart from the chicken wings, there are other special items that customers can enjoy at the restaurant. But, remember that the crispy chicken wings are only available at selected participating locations.

What do you have to add about the new Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Wings? Please, share it in the comment section.  

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