Syrians Ukraine {March} Explore Their Support In War

This article describes a supply of people from an Asian country to fight for the Russian army in the ongoing war. Read more about the Syrians Ukraine.

Have you heard about the recent update associated with the ongoing war on Ukrainian soil? If yes, let’s elaborate on all the current information related to an initiative that will add more pain for the Ukrainians in the coming days.

People from the United States are deeply saddened by the new support for the Russian troops to conduct more destructions and gain dominance. 

The war constantly creates confusion, panic, and indecision as there are no positive response to the current disastrous activities. Read about Syrians Ukraine.

About Russian Invasion

The Russian military got equipped near the Ukrainian border from 2021 March as per the order from Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president. Furthermore, an official special military operation got announced against Ukraine on 24th February 2022.

Following the invasion activities made by Russia, multiple countries implemented various sanctions against Russia for their attack against Ukraine. Many world leaders and organizations asked Putin to stop the invasion, but Russia remained unmoved on the issue.

Various diplomatic negotiations and meetings were held with Vladimir Putin, but none protected Ukrainians.

Syrians Ukraine

  • The official report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) states that more than forty thousand Syrians made registration to support Russia in fighting against Ukraine.
  • The group of Syrians is meant to provide all possible support in Ukraine as per the Russian plan.
  • Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also confirms that no Syrians have left Syria on 14th March 2022.
  • The person travelling to support Russia is rumored to avail between $1,500 and $2,500 as per SOHR.

Russia on Foreign Volunteers

  • Vladimir Putin mentions the support of the foreign fighters as a help to the people in Donbas. Read on Syrians Ukraine.
  • Putin had informed the Russian security council to support and aid foreign volunteers interested in fighting against Ukraine with the support of Russian forces.
  • Putin further instructed to provide all necessary items and support to help the interested volunteers travel to the conflict zones in Ukraine.
  • General Ben Hodges states that Russians face a lack of workforce to carry on with the invasion. In addition to that, he also finds Russians running out of ammunition and time apart from human resources.

Ukraine on Foreign Volunteers

  • Ukraine has a comparatively lower armed force compared to the Russian power. Learn about Syrians Ukraine.
  • Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, called the Syrian recruits “thugs,” whose main intention was to travel to a foreign land and kill the citizens.
  • Ukraine also reportedly asked for support from Canada and UK to provide them with foreign fighters to defend their country against the Russian invasion.


The situation in Ukraine is getting worse day by day, and the Syrian supply of workforce to support Russia to fight against Ukraine makes the situation more terrible for Ukraine. To know more details on the topic mentioned, kindly visit.

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