Sweetkick RU Reviews {April} Is This Website Scam?

Sweetkick RU Online Website Reviews
If you are asking for a genuine and unbiased review, check our Sweetkick RU Reviews, which will help you.

There are multiple online stores available that offer shoes. So, we have recently spotted a website that offers a shoe collection. It goes by the name Sweetkick. The website has also got quite popular in the United States. People are searching about the products and the site’s authenticity. 

We will share all the essential facts regarding the website so that you won’t be in a dilemma. Through our post, the Sweetkick RU Reviews, you will see all the necessary factors that you have to know.

What Is Sweetkick RU

Sweetkick RU is an e-store site that offers shoe collections. They especially offer sports shoes. Also, their shoes are from high-end brands like Nike, AirJordan, Adidas, etc. They have different styles and colors of shoes. 

This website was created at the end of the year 2021, and it claims to be one of the professional and reliable online stores that provide products at a reasonable price. Let’s now talk about the first important fact of the website: the site’s features; if you want to find out, Is Sweetkick RU Legit.

Features of Sweetkick RU

  • Domain Link- https://www.sweetkick.ru/
  • Domain Creation Date- On 2021/12/22, the website first came into existence
  • Refund Policy- After the return is processed, the refund is expected to be sent within 24-48 hours.
  • Payment Options- Several payment options such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, etc.
  • Shipping Timing- Shipping timing takes about 7-15 days.
  • Company Address- No company address given.
  • Contact No-+853 63081777
  • Return Policy- They have given a 7-day return policy timing.
  • Exchange Policy- They offer a 3 to 7-day exchange timeline.
  • Email Address- Check this  sweetkick670@gmail.com via Sweetkick RU Reviews.
  • Newsletter- No newsletter provided.

In the second stage, we will share the positive and negative elements of the portal. So, keep on following.

Positive Elements of Sweetkick RU

  • The website has many branded shoes.
  • They have a huge amount of collections.
  • The website has an Instagram account.
  • This website is the HTTPS protocol protected.

Negative Elements of Sweetkick RU

  • This website has very less followers on social media.
  • Contact details are not genuine.
  • Website owner identity not available.
  • There are no reviews found anywhere on this website.
  • User interface of the website is not impressive.

Is Sweetkick RU Legit? Or A Scam

This is the very last yet most vital stage of our discussion. Here we will discuss the most important legitimacy factors that will help us know the reality of the website. So, without any delay, let’s begin.

  • Website Creation Date- Their website started on 2021/12/22, which was not a long ago.
  • Domain Termination Date- The website will be terminated on 2022/12/22.
  • Discounts- None of their products are on sale.
  • Trust Score- The website’s trust score is only 1% which is very poor.
  • Trust Rank- Check via Sweetkick RU Reviews; the trust Rank is 58.3 % which cannot be considered good.
  • Address Authentication- The company has not provided its address.
  • Policies- All necessary policies are mentioned properly.
  • Content Quality- Content under About us, is plagiarized by 79%.
  • Social Media Accounts- Only one social media account was found.
  • Customer Thoughts- Not one customer review is available regarding the site.

Customer’s Opinion

A customer’s opinion matters when it comes to know about a website’s legitimacy. It helps customers when they try to spend their money on a particular site. So, when checking the Sweetkick RU Reviews of the site, unfortunately, we could not get any reviews from any site. There are no reviews available anywhere. Want to know how to get a refund via PayPal? Check here and beware.

Final Thoughts

Keeping all the points in mind, it’s time to give our final opinion regarding the website. The Sweetkick RU website deals in shoes, is a very new website with only one active social media account on Instagram with one active social media account. There are no Sweetkick RU Reviews available yet. 

So, we can conclude it as a questionable site. But seeing it has social media account and it is now, we have to wait for future updates. Do you have any questions? Comment to us in the box below. Also, click here and know out how to get a refund via credit card

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