Sweardle Wordle {March} Explore Full Gameplay, Rules!

In this article, we have explained each and everything about the Sweardle Wordle. Read the full article to know about the Sweardle.

The Worlde game has gained ultimate popularity within a single night. If you are a die-hard fan of the Wordle game and want to play similar games, we got the one for you. There are many alternatives to Wordle games like Nerdle, Hurdle, Wordle Unlimited, etc. Sweardle is one of the most played alternatives in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States.

In this article, we will discuss everything about Sweardle Wordle.

About Sweardle

Sweardle is a four-word guessing game. The website owner is not known as the owner wants to remain anonymous. According to Sweardle.com, the game was developed as Wordle’s joke parody. In this game, players have to guess four words instead of five.

Although the rules are the same as the wordle game, there is a difference in gameplay. It is different from other games, as in the Sweardle gameplay. Instead of guessing everyday words, you have to guess swear words. Players will only get four attempts to guess the right swear word of the day.

How to play Sweardle Game?

When you open the game website, the game interface will appear where you type your guessed swear word. 

Press “go”, your word will be submitted. The blocks will display some colours which can give you hints about the correct word.

You can submit your guesses only four times, so players must play wisely.

Where to play the Sweardle?

After taking inspiration from the Wordle game, there are many game developers that have introduced similar games. It is difficult for some players to find the original website. Players can play the game on the official website(https://sweardle.com/) of the Sweardle.

In Sweardle Wordle, each day, players will get the new word. As per the Sweardle owner, a few words might offend some players, as the game is a swear word guessing game. There are approx fifty swear words that are in use, with selected not to use misogynistic, Racist, or homophobic words.

Rules for Sweardle

  • The green colour will show that the letter is correct and in the proper position.
  • The yellow colour indicates that the word includes that letter, but the position is incorrect.
  • The Grey colour indicates that the letter is not included in the word in the Sweardle Wordle.
  • Previous Sweardle answers include DAMN, HUMP, DUMP, etc.

These are the few points that will help players to fetch the word’


The game is easy to play. Players can play the game once a day with four chances per day. The game has similar rules as the Wordle game, but you have to guess swear words in the Sweardle. The game can be played easily on the official website of the Sweardle. You can visit this link to know more about the Sweardle.

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