Swab Testing Kit Scam (Feb) How To Report & Prevent It?

The guide shares details about Swab Testing Kit Scam to alert people and the ways to prevent it.

Recently, in the United Kingdom, a new message scam is falsely warning people that they have come in contact with people who tested positive for the Omicron variant. The message comprises a suspicious link that redirects them to an unsafe website where personal details are stolen. 

It is the new text message scam circulating across the UK, and scammers are targeting the public and stealing their data. However, National Health Services or NHS has confirmed that it is a scam and must not be considered. 

Residents are worried and want to know more about the Swab Testing Kit Scam in the UK.     

What is the Swab Testing Scam Kit?

The Swab Testing Scam Kit is the new text message scam where recipients in the United Kingdom receive scam messages pretending to be from the NHS. The test message warns the recipients that they have come in contact with people who tested positive for Omicron. 

They are asked to click a suspicious link that redirects them to a third-party website not associated with NHS. Recipients need to share their details to order a free Home Swab Testing Kit.

But, NHS has confirmed that it is a scam, and residents must ignore it.

Is Swab Testing Kit Scam or Legit?

The NHS has already confirmed that the text message scam circulating across the country is a scam, and recipients must ignore it. Many red flags confirm that the text message is not from NHS and it is a scam.

  • The messages are delivered from a mobile number, which has many errors. 
  • The website’s domain age where it redirects is very young as it seems to be created o 29th January 2022.
  • The URL comprises terms like Omicron, NHA, PCR-Test, which may seem legit. Swab Testing Kit Scam is targeting many people. But, when you closely look at it, Government and NHA always urge people to visit websites with URLs comprising gov.uk to order any testing kit.       

Please note that government and NHA will never ask for personal details, including card information and bank details. 

How to Prevent and Report the Scam?

The National Cyber Security Centre has shared four crucial steps for the public that can help determine whether it is a scam. The public who has received the text scam message must report it immediately. 

  • People must look at the website closely and if the URL lacks gov.uk, ignore and reject the message. 
  • Stay alert of the text messages asking for the card and bank information or money deposits. 
  • Wait before sharing your details right away.

People who have received such messages must ignore and report. People are urged to report the Swab Testing Kit Scam on the official email ID, report@phishing.gov.uk. People may also report by forwarding the message to 7726 at no cost. Besides, if you are a victim of the scam, report it to Action Fraud at the earliest by visiting its website or calling at 0300-123-2040. 


In between the global pandemic, scammers are getting smarter and finding new ways to do scams with people. Residents in the UK are being targeted by scammers and stealing their details. 

If you receive any Swab Testing Kit Scam messages, report them to Action Fraud immediately to take necessary actions, and must read about how to stay protected from online scams.

Have you received any scam text messages? Please, share how you reported the scam in the comment section.

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