Svalbard Wordle {July} An Answer To The Recent Puzzle!

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Read the Svalbard Wordle article for Worldle 178 answer. Learn about the Worldle game and its gameplay.

Welcome to wordle players who are playing based on country names. Have you tried to solve today’s Worldle 178? Did you find difficulty in solving the puzzle? Then, we are here to help you with hints and answers to your game.

Worldle game has gained popularity Worldwide in recent times. Playing the game is good for the brain and helps learn new words daily. The country wordle game makes us get aware of different country names. Today’s article will help you to crack the puzzle. Read the Svalbard Wordle article without distraction.

Hints and clues for Worldle 178:

Today’s worldle is worth trying to knuckle the puzzle. The puzzle is tricky, and guessing the correct answer becomes hard. Read the hints mentioned below that might help you with today’s game. Hints are:

  • It is a European country.
  • The answer consists of seven, three, and eight-letter words and the three-letter word is AND.
  • The name of the country starts with S and J M.
  • The capital of the country is Longyear.

The answer for today’s Worldle 178 is SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN. The players can also try a survival adventure game named Svalbard Game.

Svalbard is a rouge-type tabletop survival adventure game. The set of the game is placed in the north pole. The player can experience time bending and can feel thrilling. Action players can enjoy the game.

Worldle game

Worldle is an online word game with different aspects, like solving country names. General words and artisan’s names and so on. Josh Wardle has developed the game as a former Reddit game engineer. New York Times takes part in providing the game to players. There are various Wordle puzzles, and our article is about Svalbard Wordle countries.

Every game has specific rules to play and lets us learn the gameplay. Listed below are the rules to follow while playing the game. Rules are:

  • The player is allowed to guess the correct name within six attempts.
  • In the country wordle game, no specific number of letters is given.
  • The green color of the box indicates you are on the right way.
  • The yellow color of the box means you are right but misplaced.
  • The grey color of the box suggests you are wrong.

Try the game to earn knowledge of the game. The game makes your brain go on with excellent exercise.

Svalbard Wordle

In the wordle game with country names, you can get hints. The country outline map is given to the player for guessing in default mode. You can change both settings, like removing the entire country image and trying random answers. Your guesses show you how far you are correct and give you direction in which way the proper country is present. The other way is upside down the country image, which may not be much helpful compared to the latter. You can guess the appropriate answer to today’s worldle now.


In the Svalbard Wordle article, we have shared the hints and answers to today’s Worldle 178 answer. Learn how to play worldle using country names. Click here for today’s Worldle 178 answer.

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