Suvie Reviews {March 2022} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam

This article provides a deep insight into Suvie Reviews and whether it is trustworthy for regular consumers.

There are various appliances required to use in our kitchen. However, you can get such appliances easily by visiting any shop offline. But various sites provide various kitchen appliances online. You can get these benefits online but, you must be secured from such online websites. 

People from the United States are more involved in getting appliances online. So, here we are to provide Suvie Reviews and help you gain knowledge about it. 

What is Suvie? 

It is an online portal that provides kitchen appliances to consumers. It consists of refrigerators, cookers, and robotic appliances that benefit the consumers. It claims that these kitchen products will help you save time and make your life easier by eating freshly cooked foods. 

There are cool cook features that help you to keep your food cool in the refrigerator-like features. In addition to this, you can also get 25 minutes rapid cooking features. Although there is clarity, some people doubt this website, asking, “Is Suvie Legit.” 


  • Type of website: Online Ecommerce website
  • Type of product; Kitchen appliances. 
  • URL:
  • Domain name:
  • Domain age: The website is 12 years old. 
  • Email Id: 
  • Address: Not Available
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Shipping Policy: The consumers will have to pay for all the shipping expenses in the United States
  • Return Policy: Food and non-food items have different return policies according to consumer demands. 
  • Warranty Services: It has one-year warranty services. 
  • Refund Policy: It has refund policies for up to 100 days. 
  • Certification: It possesses HTTPS certification. 
  • Social Media Presence: It has social media presence on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Payment Methods: It accepts all types of online payment. 

Pros of using

  • As per Suvie Reviewsthere is transparency about the website, the policy details are mentioned, the owner details are clear, and other important details are also available. 
  • There are various consumer reviews available about the website through which consumers can get an idea about the website. 
  • There is a social media presence, and therefore people can get access to their updates on their social media portals. 
  • You can get various collections of food and non-food goods on this website. 

 Cons of using 

  • There is a wide collection but the goods are a bit expensive for the consumers. 
  • Although the website provides a contact email and support, there is no information about the contact number. 

Is Suvie Legit

  • Website Age: The web site’s domain age is twelve years old, as it was created on 9th September 2009. It is easy to trust such an old website as it contains credibility among the people. 
  • Social Media Presence: It has social media presence on various portals such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and various other platforms. This is one new way to get knowledge about its trustworthiness among the people or in the market. 
  • Consumer Reviews: There are various consumer reviews available, and therefore we can get genuine responses from those who have used it and gained first-hand experience
  • Trust Score: According to Suvie Reviews, the trust score there is 91.9%; it seems that it is a great score for the people. So, you can trust its trustworthiness. 
  • Website Popularity: There is around 97217 ranking about the website. So, this ranking is not a bad score, which signifies that the website is popular. 
  • Certification: It has HTTPS certification, which secures the consumers’ privacy. 
  • Policies Information: There is clear information about the shipping policy, return and refund policy. Therefore, you can get all the details about it on its official website. 
  • Alexa Ranking: We could not find its Alexa Ranking. 

Therefore, as per our research, this website seems to be legitimate. 

What are Suvie Reviews

Many people have responded about the website and its trustworthiness as per our research. People are happy with its services.

They are happy to get food and non-food services and easy shipping facilities through the website. The quality of services is also top-notch, and therefore people are happy with it. Furthermore, you can learn tricks to learn how to get your money back from Credit Card Scams

Final Verdict: 

There are appliance websites which provide various services like food and non-food services. We hope that you have got clear information about Suvie Reviews and the results associated with it. 

You can gain information about and learn the services you can use from the website. In addition to this, you can also learn about PayPal Scams. 

What is your favourite kitchen appliance which you would like to use? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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  1. I ordered an appliance back on December 2021. They keep extending my ship date Last time I checked it was 8 to 10 it’s 10 to 12 weeks. I am wondering if I will ever get it. Can I get my money back ? Does anyone know?


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