Supreme Store Trends Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Fake?

Are you crazy about wearing a stylish romper? This article will give you the website’s specifications, including shoppers’ Supreme Store Trends Reviews.

Are you looking for a trendy outfit? Do you want to buy rompers? Hopefully, you are on the best podium to collect all the information about the website’s legitimacy.

Nowadays, every girl wants stylish and trendy clothes. Compared to offline market, online podium serves the best facilities with a vast collection, style, trendy outfits for all in almost countries, including the United States.

We are telling you about a website containing a wide variety of girls’ outfits, accessories, and much more. Do you want to know more? Let us have an eye on the Supreme Store Trends Reviews.

What is Supreme Store Trends Website?

Supreme Store Trends is a trendy online store for girls that claim stylish rompers, dresses, accessories, etc. You can take advantage of the podiums in many countries like the United States.

For more points we explore the internet then we found that all the policies points have been shared there also discount is available. It offers free shipping all over the world.

As we know, so many fake podiums are running as online shops, so before placing an order, we have to make sure about that: Is Supreme Store Trends Legit or scam?

Feature of Supreme Store Trends

  • You can explore the website using the given URL, i.e.,
  • For more inquiries, we can also mail them on email support.
  • We cannot directly call them as no contact number is available.
  • There is no availability of the office address, so we have no idea about the location.
  • The website serves a facility of outfits, accessories and a few more.
  • The discount is available, so almost half the prices of the items are extant.
  • User’s Supreme Store Trends Reviews are not found anywhere, so it is hard to conclude its legitimacy.
  • It is securing zero-rating on the website.
  • There is no activity on the social media podiums.
  • If you are not satisfied with the products, 30 days return/refund is available.
  • The website is fully secured as it has a certificate from HTTPS and SSL.

Favorable Points of The Website

  • The products are very stylish, trendy and unique.
  • The prices are meager as the discount is extant on the website.
  • You can pay online for your products by VISA, Mastercard, Amex etc.
  • An icon is visible on the main official page for any query you can write in the chat box.
  • It is securing 100/100 trust rank.

Unfavorable Aspects of The Website

  • User’s Supreme Store Trends Reviews not extant on any podium and till today securing 0.0/05 rating.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram does not have any page on the portal.
  • Online one communication way has provided by the company, no contact number, no office address.
  • The website has just been created 22 days, too new on the ecommerce platform.
  • It has a poor trust index.
  • It is claiming significantly less number of items.

We suggest you check significant detail and confirm their reality before making any plan to buy.

Is Supreme Store Trends Legit or scam?

As we know, this is a vital part in the case of online shopping, so we have collected a few points as:

  • The website was created on 19/01/2022 just launched.
  • The website will be expiring soon, on 19/01/2023.
  • The portal is securing an excellent trust rank.
  • The portal has a very much low trust index.
  • The owner’s information is hidden.
  • The Alexa rating of the website is zero.
  • The data on the website looks plagiarized, so be careful.

So we can say the portal looks suspicious as no feedback is available and social media is blank. Please read all the information sharply then go shopping.

User’s Supreme Store Trends Reviews

Supreme Store Trends is the trendy shopping platform with a unique and stylish collection of romper dress, accessories, etc.

As we know, users’ reviews help us in our shopping, so we try to catch any line but could not get any out from the experienced user’s side.

Please be aware of the links that protect you from PayPal fraud.

Winding Up

Finally, we collected some data to conclude this article, i.e., no users’ Supreme Store Trends Reviews available, no social media activity, new domain age, poor trust index, makes the website questionable.

We will tell you; please check how you can save your money from credit card scams.

Do you have any romper from this website? You can share your thoughts and experience with us in the below box.

22 thoughts on “Supreme Store Trends Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Fake?”

  1. I placed an order the beginning of Feb. and was sent a tracking number from Fedex. When I clicked on the tracking number it stated that it was delivered and signed for by not me and when I went through the steps for Fedex it states my address does NOT match with where it was delivered, yet I have an order confirmation with my address. I have sent three emails since it was supposedly delivered and no response. Totally feel scammed and used my birthday money on them. Now I have no dresses and am out the money!!

    • The same exact thing happened to me. I ordered my romper Feb .. I got an email supposedly from fedex saying my package was delivered but it could not provide a picture and because this store doesn’t publish an address or phone number I can’t even file a claim with fedex. This store is a total scam.

  2. I ordered via TicTok promotion on 2/6/2022. It is 2/24/22 an I have yet to receive any merchandise. I have not received any correspondence either from the company.

  3. I ordered from them and have yet to have someone help me because they delivered it to a different address. Can’t get ahold of them so I’m out 65.00😡

    • Hi Kim Taylor, just out of curiosity, how did you get to know that your order is delivered at some other place? If you had any communication with them, then check the status as well. do let us know. Take care.

      • Lol. They claim to have shipped it to a wrong addrsss when in fact it was never shipped – we’ve been taken!!!

    • That happened to me too! At first I received no order confirmation or shipping confirmation so I contacted them and they got back to me with a new tracking number, it delivered to somewhere else and now they won’t get back to me.

    • Same happened to me Kim. I placed an order on Feb 9th and was notified via Shopify that the order was delivered on Feb 17th. I was so excited but there was no package. I contacted Fedex and they said that the package was addressed and delivered to a different name and address. I have sent multiple emails and “Live” chat messages with no response. Their Live Chat is a joke. Every time, different times during the day, it just says their operators aren’t currently avail. Contest the charge with your credit card company.

  4. I ordered in Jan order #2040…the tracking number they provided was not legit per the shipping provider. They (Angela Ward ) provided yet another false tracking number. I have not received my order as of today 3/1/22. I also ordered through tiktok…do not fall for this false advertising. Angela Ward has stopped replying to my emails. All I want now is just a refund. Why don’t people just get a life and stop trying to scam hard working people. ANGELA WARD (PROBABLY A FAKE NAME) and SUPREME STORE TRENDS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

    • Hey Jill! Sorry to hear that you have faced such a scam from the online shopping site, and we appreciate your feedback on our portal. Yes, it seems to be a scam, and we consistently raise vigilance to our readers about numerous platforms. You can submit a complaint concerning your order. Keep us updated on this matter, and stay safe!

  5. When I placed an order from a TikTok promotion on Feb 11th my CC was charged but I didn’t receive any order or shipping confirmation from the company. A third party shipping tracker “Shop” sent me a shipping confirmation with a tracking # and then said it was delivered. When I contacted Fedex they said that tracking # was not associated with my name or address and to contact the company. I have tried emailing customer service 3 times and tried their live chat 3 times with no response. Live Chat always says they are currently not available and will reply via email. I will be giving it a full 30 days and then file with my CC company to reverse charges. It shouldn’t be so hard to return an email.

  6. Total scam !!!! I ordered the rompers. I researched the FedEx tracking number, it was for an item that weighed 71 pounds. BS.


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