Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief- Read Details

The Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief post details his statement delivered at the conference about Court’s legitimacy.

Do you know who the Chief Justice of America is? Do you want to know what he says about court decisions? While he made his first public appearance after one landmark judgement, he defended Court’s legitimacy.  

Since Friday, people across the United States have been discussing his opinion and want to know it in detail. If you are curious to know more about what he said on Supreme Court’s decisions, continue reading Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief.

What does the Chief Justice have to say on Court’s legitimacy?

Chief Justice John Roberts supported the Court’s legitimacy and described it as extremely upsetting to see developing of barriers in the wake of security concerns & public criticism arising in the aftermath of decisions of the most controversial cases.

He continued and said while people are free to disagree with the judgements, he believes it is inappropriate to question the Court’s authority and integrity. The Court’s job is to decide the law, and it will not change because the public disagrees. 

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief addressed the issue at a conference of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Colorado Springs, CO. He could not attend the meeting the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, he also discussed the Court’s response to the pandemic.

In public opinion polls, the Court’s approval rating has slipped to its historic lows ever, led by disgruntled Democrats and the ones who consider themselves independent. Without directly mentioning anything about the decisions, Robert described how challenging the past fifty years were.

Who is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief?

John Roberts, the current Chief Justice of the USA, was nominated by George W. Bush in 2005. Roberts delivered the opinion in several important cases, including Shelby County v. Holder, Riley v. California, and National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius.

Before that, he was a federal Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for two years. During that period, he authored 49 opinions for the Circuit, inspiring two dissenting opinions from other judges and three of his own.

Personal life details of John Robert:

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Chief was born on 1955 January 27th, in New York, the U.S. He studied History at Havard University. He graduated in 1976 and finished his J.D. degree in 1979. He married Jane Sullivan in 1996 on July 27th. They together adopted two children.


In the public remark on Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts defended the authority and integrity of the Supreme Court. He added the disagreement should not question Court’s legitimacy. Meanwhile, read here about the Chief Justice of the United States.

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