Supreme Court Doxxed {June 2022} Grab Essential Facts!

Latest News Supreme Court Doxxed

The article highlights the points of Supreme Court Doxxed and why such events took place after the decision made by them.

Have you heard of the news of the activists’ group who have been banned from TikTok? Do you know why? We will tell you why this event happened. A few days ago, the declaration on the pro-abortion case just went viral, and many people were against the decision of the six judges who reached a particular conclusion. People of the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom were very shocked to know about the event. We will tell you about the details on Supreme Court Doxxed below.

What is the news about?

The news came to light when the radical activists’ group doxxed the supreme court judges on the Roe Vs Wade case, and due to which they were banned from TikTok. The decision did not go well with the group, and a backup account was created to complain about the ban, which mentioned that their accounts had been banned and the group’s accounts were mass banned. They asked the followers to lobby the legal team and ask for the restoration of their accounts. They also shared a screenshot that mentioned they had violated the norms of the community guidelines.

What Does Doxxed Mean?

Many people are wondering about the meaning of doxed. We will tell you the meaning of the same. Doxxed means publishing private information about an individual with negative or malicious intent. The same happened with the judges of the Supreme Court, where their information was leaked by an activist group who were not happy with the decision taken by them in the court regarding the abortion of the fetus. The activity led to their ban, and now they are trying to revive their accounts back with the help of their followers.

Details on Supreme Court Doxxed

The banned account had footage of the protests where women were dressed in some interesting characters inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, and were protesting the decision made by the judges of the Supreme Court. It also attacked Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh by calling him hyper-religious and deviant. In addition, the group had interrupted a church service, and the Catholic groups called it a disrespect. 

Further, they protested outside the judges’ homes, calling them various names and asking for justice and bullying them for their wrong decision. The Supreme Court Addresses Leaked after their decision, and the protests said women are not birth-giving machines.

People who want to know the detailed news can read about the incident here.

Final Sum-Up

We can see that the decision made by the Supreme Court judges did not go down well with people, especially women, which led to a protest. We hope the matter settles down soon without any negative consequences for the activist groups. They have chosen the wrong method for the right cause. What are your views on the decision? Is the activity of the Supreme Court Getting Doxxed correct? Comment down your views below.

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