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Please go through this composition to learn the Reviews regarding a virtual shopping store that deals with generators and lawnmowers.

Would you like to maintain your backyard with good-quality lawn mowers? Are you also looking for efficient generators on online platforms? Do you wish to purchase an ice maker for household purposes? Then, please read this write-up to get the related information.

Today’s composition mentions the attributes of a recently established online platform. Shoppers from many countries, especially the United States, are looking for its reviews on the net. Thus, please read till the end to get complete information concerning the Reviews.

What is is an online marketing store that renders generators and lawnmowers of different techniques. The home page also features other household products, like rocking chairs, ice makers, mini freezers, coffee makers, etc.


  • Platform Type – A virtual shopping platform that sells lawnmowers, generators, and other household items.
  • Address of Portal –
  • E-mail –
  • Address of Office – 3747 White Oak Dr., Kansas City, Missouri-64108, United States
  • Telephone Number – Not provided.
  • Connection to Social Media – Unavailable. Social media linking is a way to decide a portal’s legitimacy in today’s times. Therefore, its absence answers your query Is Legit.
  • Payment Options – Debit or credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, etc., in addition to PayPal.
  • Filtering Scope – Absent
  • Privacy Policy – Written
  • Sorting Method – Given
  • Shipping-Related Details – The general delivery time is ten business days and is free for all orders. 
  • Price of Goods – Provided in USD.
  • Information about Product Returning and Refunding – Buyers can send the items back within thirty days of purchase. The owners have not stated any tentative time for processing the refunds. 
  • Terms of Service – Mentioned


The advantages of shopping from this online platform are minimal, influencing your Reviews.

  • The team has provided explicit descriptions of the products.
  • This store deals with items of renowned brands.


Below are the drawbacks of the subject platform, much more than its positive sides.

  • Some items featured as best-selling are not present under any categories.
  • Crucial contents like Terms of Service and Privacy Policy miss this website’s name. They contain generic words like “Our Company” and “this website”, respectively. 
  • The Lawn Mowers category has only three products.
  • This portal is newly set up. Therefore, shoppers may not trust it entirely.
  • The absence of connections to social media makes the portal appear more suspicious. 
  • The telephone number is unavailable in this store.

Is Legit

Learning the following critical facts about this platform is essential to affirm its believability. We have gathered each detail in this segment from trustworthy Web resources. 

  • Portal’s Oldness – The oldness of this store is twenty-two days beyond a month. Its establishment date was 14 July 2022.
  • Trust Score of Website – 2 %, which is a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Connection to Social Media – The team has not provided connections to social media in this online store.
  • Rank in Database of Alexa – 1438394, which is a below-standard ranking.
  • Customers’ Opinions – The segment to post the Reviews is currently devoid of any comments from the buyers. 
  • Contact Information’s Reliability – Many websites have used the same address in the subject store. Therefore, it is challenging to rely on it.
  • Doubtful Policy Content – Usually, the Terms and Conditions mention the website’s name, but this store’s page states “Our Company”. It looks like a tricky attempt to copy content from some source and keep it generic. Likewise, the Privacy Policy does not mention this portal’s name anywhere.

Depending on our well-researched information, this platform seems wary. Nevertheless, declaring this website’s trustworthiness may be unfair, for it is a naïve establishment. Reviews

Leading review forums do not comprise data about this website’s feedback. It seems that the members have not taken any interest in this platform. Most facets of this store are dubious, so customers may not have counted upon it. Moreover, the store’s segment to post customers’ feedback is currently empty. Therefore, it is impossible to provide our readers with sufficient details regarding what other buyers think about this portal. Hence, we request you know the Easy and Simple methods of refund from PayPal to be watchful.


Our investigation portrays dubiousness about this platform. Also, the lack of Reviews surges its wariness. Therefore, we suggest you learn How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam for alertness. Furthermore, you can read about the types of lawnmowers with images.

What are your thoughts about this platform? Please share with us in the section below.

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