Suit Gorilla International Space Station {Jan} Find Fact

Why is the Suit Gorilla International Space Station trending? This article helps you understand the truth behind the ISS viral video content.

Have you heard of Gorillas being found in the international space station? Do you want to know the truth behind this viral news? The hottest news, “gorilla in ISS,” is trending over the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom within a few days. Well, the ISS absolutely does not have a gorilla issue. But currently, it may have a minor gorilla issue.

The NASA astronaut “Scott Kelly” transformed the human into a big hairy mask like a gorilla to chase a fellow astronaut. Learn more on Suit Gorilla International Space Station

Is Gorilla real on the ISS?

Absolutely not. Recently, a small video clip about international space stations has been viral. The video shows the astronaut Scott Kelly dressed as the Gorilla to chase the fellow astronaut Peake. As per media reports, it is a funny clip that is getting viral as Kelly sends Gorilla into space. But in reality he dressed up as a Gorilla and threatened his fellow team mate.

It is just a 15 seconds clip in which you notice Scott packed himself in cargo-style bags, and Peake got shocked and moved here and there. The content “Suit Gorilla International Space Station was posted on micro-blogging sites just to make netizens happy with these hilarious moments.

Does Scott Kelly’s Prank Get Success?

Without a doubt, YES. When you watch the video personally, you will know about the success of this epic prank. This was an unexpected moment that Scott created for Peake. The researchers also got some time off during the day, and they enjoyed themselves by teasing each other. 

Scott dressed as a gorilla and hid in the off-side storage container in this prank. When Peake tries to open that storage, he finds Gorilla and runs here and there due to fear. 

People reaction to Suit Gorilla International Space Station

While checking the internet, we found people appreciating this hilarious video content and the happiest moment that the ISS team shared with each other. In the video, people have shared their reactions and comments. Some said they laughed out loud after watching this clip, while others said it is amazing. However, some like the bond between two astronauts. 

Well, this incident troubles Peake, but later, he finds it the best. And it was a successful prank that pulled out correctly. If you have never watched the video yet, then watch it here.

Kelly on his Twitter account posted a Suit Gorilla International Space Station video. He said it was a costly prank as it cost up to $10,000. But it was successful, and folks will find it worthy. 

The Bottom Line

In Leisure time, playing pranks on friends is the most exciting way to relax. And then, Kelly’s video explained how researchers keep themselves calm by leaving their families alone. Many people appreciated this content, as it recorded the true reaction of his teammate. 

Moreover, the video shows the Gorilla was perfectly dressed enough to cause a threat. Funny moments are always shareable just to increase the smile on the folk’s faces. So, what’s your reaction to the Suit Gorilla International Space Station prank? Do you like this? Drop your thoughts with us.

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