Subwaysurfers com Redeem (May) Check Authentic Details!

The article centre around the latest details of the online game Subway surfers and Subwaysurfers com Redeem codes. 

Have you ever had to wait on time’s end without anything to pass the time? If your answer is yes, you will understand how tedious such a task is. Phone games such as Subway surfers have been a blessing in those times. 

Therefore, no doubt that this online game has been a favourite among people in the United States and worldwide. Hence naturally, people are curious about the game, including Subwaysurfers com Redeem codes. 

So without any more hold up, let’s find out what’s a new addition to this game.

What are Subway surfers? 

For those people who may be new to this game or may not have played this game, this is a mobile game. Kiloo and SYBO Games developed and launched this game on 25 May 2012. It is a game that uses the Unity game engine and is available on multiple platforms such as android, windows, kindle, and IOS.

The game is a runner game in which your character is caught in the act of drawing graffiti by a policeman. Subway Surfers Codes are part of the game and help the players’ access advantages in the game. 

What are the codes? 

Now that we have a basic understanding of the game let’s find out about the codes for our passionate gamers worldwide, including in the United States

  1. thebest9 – This is the latest code to be launched. 
  2. 9yearsrunning – This code will assist you in getting coins worth 9k and 9 keys. 
  3. 200designs – This promo code is for getting 2k coins and 2 keys. 

These are some of the Subwaysurfers com Redeem codes that are available for the players. Please keep in mind that codes are available for a limited time and expire very soon. Hence grab the opportunity to use them without delay. Also, keep in mind to copy the code without any changes. If you enter the code wrong, there is a high chance of showing an error.

There are also some of the codes that we are not sure if still working. We have mentioned those codes below: 

  1. 2infinity
  3. SYBOTVFriday42
  4. RunnerUp888

Players can also try these codes if they are still working. 

How to redeem Subway Surfers Codes

Now that we have given you the codes, let’s see how we can use these codes to unlock advantages in the game.

  1. When you start the game, go to the settings. 
  2. You will find the promo code option. Select the option and copy-paste the code. 
  3. Once you copy and paste the code, return to the game to enjoy the in-game gifts. 

Start your game now by visiting the official Subway surfer site.


So now that we have briefed you on everything about this game, we hope this information will enhance your gaming experience. We will also like to emphasize that the Subwaysurfers com Redeem codes have a validity period and become pointless once it expires. Hence make haste.

Was this information about the codes helpful for you? Let us know in the comment section below how you feel.

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