Styles P Net Worth 2021 (August) Get Authentic Details!

Styles P Net Worth 2021 (August) Get Authentic Details! >> This article gives relevant information about the famous music artist & his net worth in present time.

Are you a fan of Styles P? Do you want to know the net worth which he earns from his famous hit songs and videos? With the introduction of different platforms like Spotify, YouTube and others, the singers start getting recognized for their talent. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the talented and famous singers of the United States Styles P and tell you about the Styles P Net Worth 2021. So let’s find out. 

Who is Styles P?

Styles P, whose original name is David R. Styles, is an American singer associated with a band called the Lox. The Lox is the group famous for hip hop music and he teams up with other members like Sheek Louch and Jadakiss. 

He was born on November 28, 1974, in the United States. Style P is known by many names like Styles Pinero, Holiday Styles, and The Ghost. Now let’s learn something about his personal life and professional career. 

Styles’ professional life

  • Born- November 28, 1974
  • City of birth- Corona, Queens, New York city 
  • Styles P Net Worth 2021– around $4 million. 
  • Occupation- Rapper, Writer, Entrepreneur 
  • Website- 
  • Band name- The Lox (1994-2000)

Along with the Lox, Styles P had collaborated with other singers and bands, too like Ruff Ryder, DJ Green Lantern, and in 2016 styles, P decided to reunite with the first band, i.e. The Lox. 

Styles P personal Life

 The parents of Styles are from different nationalities, i.e. his father is from Jamaica, and his mother is from South Africa. So, unfortunately, his parents were separated, and Styles P and his younger brother had to live with their mother in Yonkers. 

Styles P Net Worth 2021

Styles P are a very famous rapper, and in the early times, he had given many hit songs and albums. However, with his collaboration with The Lox and other singers, he has achieved many accomplishments. 

Right now, the net worth of Styles P is around $4 million, and right now, he owns four juice bars in New York along with his band partner Jadakiss. Styles P is a married person with two children and one of the them is from the Adjua’s previous marriage. 

Styles P famous songs and hits 

After knowing the Styles P Net Worth 2021, here are the reason why this person’s net worth is in millions of dollars. Some of the famous hits of Styles P that everyone should listen to are:

  • Good times 
  • The Life 
  • Blow you mind 
  • Can you believe it 

And there are hundreds of songs and albums that make this person a famous personality in the music industry. 

Wrapping it up

With the information gathered about the Styles P and his work, we can conclude that he is a famous singer-rapper of the US with hundreds of hit songs and albums. Therefore, Styles P Net Worth 2021 is justified as his hard work and dedication to music bring him to this position.

Do you know more about the net worth of styles P? Please mention below. 

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