Student Aid Website Down {August 2022} A Lot Of Traffic!

The above article talks about how President Joe Biden’s decisions led to the Student Aid Website Down error.

Did the student loan website crash for some users today? What according to you could be the possible reasons that created such havoc in the United States?

Read on further to know more regarding the Student Aid Website Down crash and what was President Joe Biden’s role in the same.

Problems at FAFSA

FAFSA, which is short for Federal Agency For Student Aid, is a program initiated by the government that provides loans and grants to college students. 

The users of the official website recently complained about the same not working properly and constantly crashing while there was a noted surge in website traffic. Several outages were reported in just one day. The application works for millions of college-going students every year and facilitates fund security.

What led to the Student Aid Website Down after President Joe Biden announced his plan

Mr Joe Biden earlier made an official announcement stating to cancel a huge amount of 10000 USD debt having the borrower’s annual income being less than 125000 USD. This resulted in making the borrowers curious to find more details regarding the same by attempting to log into their student loan accounts on the Federal Agency for Student Aid website, which further resulted in the website breakdown.

Thereafter, numerous internet users have reported problems while operating the website since the president’s official morning announcement. The visitors are coming across an error note for Student Aid Website Down stating that the student aid website is experiencing a high volume of traffic and that they shall be able to proceed momentarily meanwhile appreciating their patience for the same. 

There was a separate internet web page containing insight into detailed information regarding President Joe Biden’s debt relief plan launched by the FSA. People recently reported a waiting time of at least 20 minutes before operating the website.

Reports on the social media

Social media account users took to several platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share their complaints and report the Student Aid Website Down crash. 

For instance, a user handle named @divyaxx wrote about how the President cancelled loans of 10000 and 20000 college students and the website could not bear it. Another user with the handle @biskywalt wrote about how he was on the verge of knowing whether or not they owed the debt of 7000 USD or just 500 USD. Many others like the above wrote in regards to the same.

How do you think President Joe Biden took the right decision in cancelling student debts? Do share your thoughts and opinions on the same.


Recently, there was a Student Aid Website Down problem when Mr Joe Biden, the President of the United States made an official announcement to cancel the student loans whose annual income was below a certain level. The FAFSA website users have been constantly complaining about issues while trying to operate the same. Please check this link to know more about this news.

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