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This article describes the presence of multiple ad-trackers on a popular word game and practical steps to block them. Read more details about the Stope Wordle.

Are you concerned about the trackers present in a popular word game? Then let us understand all details about the tracking process and evaluate other relevant points associated with this topic.

Word game enthusiasts from New Zealand, Australia, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom are eager to know about the tracking feature that might not be a good feature that a user wants to deal with.

Ad-trackers are used for marketing purposes, and let’s analyze and evaluate the possibilities to Stope Wordle from tracking.

About Wordle Tracking

An official post published on Forbes on 19th February 2022 by cyber expert Davey Winder raised concern among thousands of Wordle users regarding the Ad-tracking methods currently used by Wordle.

Wordle got multiple changes after it got acquired by The New York Times from the developer Josh Wardle for a whopping seven figures. First, ad trackers got implemented to monetize the significant website visitors.

David Winder also mentioned detecting multiple potential trackers while playing Wordle on a web browser. In addition to that, he attached the screenshots of ad trackers along with his article on Stope Game.

Why is Wordle Popular? 

  • Wordle, a trending word game developed and created by Josh Wardle, gained popularity after its release in October 2021.
  • Wordle’s gameplay impressed word game enthusiasts globally, and the website traffic kept rising with time.
  • Josh Wardle was the publisher from October 2021 to January 2022. 
  • The game starts by providing a meaningful five-letter word.
  • The player needs to complete the word game within six attempts.
  • The gameplay has included three colors that guide the correct answers to assist the player by providing clues. The colors include grey, yellow and green.

Stope Wordle

  • Ad-trackers are very common in digital marketing and advertising, and websites that monetize traffic tend to use the trackers frequently.
  • also reported the presence of trackers while playing wordle games.
  • The introduction of trackers by The New York Times on Wordle hasn’t affected the gaming experience or hasn’t interrupted the smooth gaming experience to date.
  • Multiple tricks and tips are available to avoid getting tracked by Wordle. 

How to Block Wordle Ad-trackers?

  • The mobile users can install tracker blockers that would immediately block the trackers. Let’s have a deep look into to steps involved in Stope Wordle.
  • IOS users can use web browsers such as Safari browsers, which helps incredibly from getting tracked. Apart from that, use browser extensions that block trackers.
  • Another simple trick to avoid getting tracked is by playing Wordle in offline mode. Turn off your mobile data and enjoy playing your favorite word game without getting tracked.  


Most websites commonly use Ad-trackers to improve the marketing and advertising areas associated with the website’s contents. To know more details about this topic, kindly look into this link.

Have you tried to implement any tips and tricks mentioned above to Stope Wordle? If yes, please comment on it below.

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