Stoop Wordle {July 2022} Learn The Exact Answer Here!

This post on Stoop Wordle will help readers understand the confusion, hints, and answers to the Wordle 404 posted on July 28th. Keep reading to explore.

Do you play Wordle? Are you searching for the answers to Wordle 404? Wordle, a famous online platform, allows players to guess the right word using certain hints. The game is pretty famous within Australia. However, recently a Wordle 404 has confused most of the players. Therefore, players end up in guessing wrong word.

Are you also confused with the Wordle 404? If yes, read this post on Stoop Wordle to know about the hints and answer to the Wordle posted on July 28th.

Confusion in Wordle

Wordle is an online word guessing platform developed by a software developer named Josh Wardle. Wordle is quite interesting, where the players have to guess the simple words with the help of hints. Wordle allows you to guess the right answer in six attempts.

Similarly, a Wordle was posted on July 28th with some hints. This Wordle confused most players, who guessed the wrong answers. They guessed the wrong answer and chose the wrong answer. Many people choose Stoop as an answer. Stoop Game is an online game known as a Stoop ball game. As Stoop is a game, this might lead the players to choose it as the right answer. However, it was found that the Stoop is not the right answer to the Wordle 404.

What is the answer to Wordle 404?

Many people are confused about the answers to Wordle 404 and are finding it tricky to solve. Wordle 404 comes with five hints.

Those five hints are:

  • The starting letter of Wordle 404 is S.
  • This hint cancels out the possibility of Stoop Wordle because it says that the word Wordle 404 consists of only one vowel.
  • The last letter of the word is P.
  • The vowel present is O.
  • The word Wordle 404 is linked with the movement of horses.

We hope you have guessed the answer by now. The word that satisfies all the hints mentioned above of having one O vowel, starting with the letter S, ending with the letter P, and most importantly, is associated with the movement of horses is “Stomp.” So the answer to the Wordle 404 is “Stomp.” 

Stoop Game

Wordle game has become people’s favourite game. The main reason for the people getting attracted to this game is that it is challenging. The word guessing games are usually easy; however, in some cases, it can get tricky, as in Wordle 404, where the players guess the word to be Stoop, but it was Stomp.


This post covers the answer to the Wordle 404. Based on this, we have discussed the answers to Wordle 404. This post talks about the hints provided for Wordle 404. Please click on this link for 28th July Wordle.

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