Sterback Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Sterback Online Website Review

This post holds genuine Sterback Reviews about the ecommerce store that offers Christmas decorations.

Do you want to learn about the reality of the Sterback store? If so, then dive deep into this blog post.

Many fraud stores are registered in the United Kingdom, the United States, etc., to trick innocent buyers. For this reason, we come up with this blog post. 

Today, we’ve decided to reveal the authenticity of the Sterback store. The website trades in Christmas decorations for indoors as well as outdoors. However, customers will find the incredible collection of Christmas items on the website.

Let’s read the Sterback Reviews to ensure the site’s intentions.

What is Sterback?

According to Sterback’s “About us” page, the e-store holds all sorts of custom items and close contact with the reputable production houses and suppliers. The website holds gorgeous decorative items such as Santa decoration cards, chef message board, resin figure, cabinet decoration, Xmas doll bag, LED lights, 3D metal wind chime, etc. 

Moreover, the website provides pre-Christmas sales where you can save a fortune of money. In elaboration, the site is providing up to 70% off on its entire decorative. Along with that, people can enjoy additional benefits like 5% off on the first item, 10% off on the second, and 15% on the third item. 

But, on the internet, people found browsing Is Sterback Legit or a scam? 

What are the specifics that Sterback has mentioned?

  • Website official URL-
  • Items- Christmas decoration products 
  • Domain verification date-18/09/2021
  • Estimated shipping charges- free international shipping on orders +$65 
  • Delivery timing – under 15-20 days 
  • Newsletter- mentioned 
  • Social media links- available 
  • Payment method – PayPal 
  • Purchase return time- within 14 days 
  • Item refund policy-within some days 
  • Email address-
  • Contact number- +44 (0)20 7405 7686
  • Company address- 29-30, firth street, London, England, W1D 5LG

Before trusting this website, read these Sterback Reviews till the final verdict. 

What are the plus points of shopping from Sterback?

  • The website has mentioned its complete contact details.
  • The site seems SSL encrypted.
  • The site is having Xmas sale on it where shoppers can get a massive discount.
  • It holds large decorative items.
  • It is not taking up any shipping fee on orders over $65.

What are the disappointing points of shopping from Sterback?

  • It holds fake social media links on it.
  • There are no shopper reviews published on the site.
  • The site is selling its items at unrealistic prices. 

Is Sterback Legit?

In this section, we will provide you with all the specifics required to judge the website’s legitimacy. Nowadays, internet scams are frequently escalating due to this reason. It is advised to search carefully before entering your card details on any e-store. However, to ensure the Sterback store’s intentions, you must check out the below-mentioned checkpoints.

  • E-store’s domain creation date- The website’s domain name must be more than 6 months old to qualify for the authenticity test. However, the site’s domain was founded on 18/09/2021.
  • E-store’s domain validity- the website’s domain is validated for one year, 18/09/2022.
  • Customer remarks- shopper’s reviews are needed to trust the site, but we could not find customers’ Sterback Reviews.
  • Social media links- the website’s social media links tell about its popularity, but the site has mentioned fake links. On the other hand, we have found website’s official Facebook page in our research.
  • Address originality- the available company location is copied.
  • Content quality- the specified information comes out imitative. 
  • Unrealistic offers- in the Christmas sale, the website is offering up to 70% off on its entire collection. 
  • Trust rank- the site’s index rank is 28.3/ 100.
  • Trust index score- the e-store has received poor score that is 2%.
  • Alexa rank- the Alexa rank of the respective website is 2419401.

Shoppers’ Sterback Reviews

In the research, we found that the website does not hold any customer reviews on it. Neither we have found any feedbacks from the external links nor any comments published on the site’s official Facebook page .

In the end, customer feedbacks are missing from the website and the internet. 

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The Bottom Line

In this review session, we concluded that the website seems dishonest to us as per the available parameters. Therefore, we suggest to the interested shoppers to research well before trusting the site’s offerings. 

We have explained all the shortcomings above in detail in these Sterback Reviews to help you in your analysis.

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What do you have to share with us about this website? Kindly post your feedback below.

11 thoughts on “Sterback Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Legit Or Scam?

  1. They have not shipped the items I purchased nor will they respond to my emails inquiring about shipment, I called the phone number they provide, which belongs to London School of economics and political science

    1. Hello Bernadette, yes, they will not reply as they must be scammers. The phone number themselves suggest they are not genuine ones. Go for a refund, check with the payment company, however you paid it. Please drop the review, if you receive any updates. Be aware. Thanks.

    1. Hello Zsolt, it looks scam. Did you try to contact them through email or call? Found any address on the portal. By which mode you did payment? Let us know. Buyers be aware and alert. Take care.

  2. I have left comments on Sterback Facebook page, only to be blocked from it. I had left suggestions for others to research the “store” before purchasing anything from it. This would include seatching for contact information and location of the business. I typed in the address of another so called company named “Create and Innovate. Although the address did exist, the company did not.

    1. Hello Nathalie Gingras, we suggest you to check through your payment mode. By which means you have transferred it. If you made it with PayPal, you can reach them. They will provide you the best solution. Be aware and stay safe. Thanks.

    2. Hey ,
      I sent them email regarding my order ,that I wasn’t happy that my order didn’t arrived when was due to arrive ,and they refund me .
      Hope you manage to get your money back .

  3. Why isn’t Facebook banning them as advertisers? They ban others for posting “fake news”, but not people who pay them for advertisements that are misleading?

    1. Hello Matthew J Funke, Yes, they should take some actions. If they do, they will save money of so many individuals. They should strictly ban such advertisements. Proper legal action will help to stop such frauds. Nowadays, we see fraudulent handling different sites. The buyers keep blind faith. This should be stopped somewhere. Be aware, every time when you do online shopping. Take care. Thanks.

  4. Our order that should have been here by now was registering on their site as active. We rang the phone number they displayed only to get through to a university business school in London. SIwe emailed a requested to cancel and refund, as it became clear items would not arrive in time however heard nothing back. Then this morning when I checked again before my husband was going to contact PayPal as it isn’t showing I his PayPal account however is showing on his bank account as a PayPal account. Anyway when I looked on their site this morning the ordered had changed from active to shipped so don’t know what to do now. I guess wait to see if anything arrives. Any ideas???

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