Stephen Breyer Wiki (Jan 2022) Some Quick Facts Here!

The post talks about Stephen Breyer Wiki and elaborates about why he is in the news.

Who is unaware of Stephen Breyer? Has the Associate Justice related to the Supreme Court in the United States been in the news lately? Herein, the associate justice has declared his retirement from the court, the term of which is to end in October 2022.

The news has made him a trending topic globally and in Canada, where people want to know every detail about Stephen Breyer. Thus, in this article, we bring to our readers a detailed insight about Stephen Breyer Wiki and other related information.

Thus, continue to read till the end.

Who is Stephen Breyer?

This article will surely be an eye-opener to all those who are still wondering and are oblivious to Stephen Breyer. He is an American lawyer, in addition to being a jurist. He has served as the associate justice in the US supreme court since 1994.

He was born on 15 August 1938 in San Francisco to Irving Gerald Breyer and Anne A. He also has a younger brother named Charles R Breyer, who serves as the federal district judge.

In the coming section, we will highlight more about Stephen Breyer Wiki. Besides, continue to read his journey to becoming the associate justice of the supreme court in the US.

More Facts About Stephen Breyer

  • He graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Art, securing the highest honours in 1959.
  • Later he attended the Harvard Law School as a member of Harvard Law Review
  • Breyer also spent 8 years serving in the US Army Reserve, which included 6 months of active duty as a part of the Army Strategic Intelligence
  • He was ranked as the corporal and honourably discharged in 1965.
  • He is married to Joanna Freda Hare, a member of the British aristocracy and a psychologist.

Stephen Breyer Wiki – Why is He In The News?

Stephen Breyer has been serving as the associate justice of the Supreme Court since 1994. However, he has been news lately, which has sparked curiosity among the citizens to know more about his life and work. Thus, we decided to research why is he in the news. 

On researching, we found that Stephen Breyer announced his retirement on 26 January 2022. As per reports of NBC News, he is all set to retire from the court after the completion of his term in October 2022.

More about Stephen Breyer Wiki, he was nominated by the then president Bill Clinton for filling the vacant seat left by Harry Blackmun.

Final Conclusion

Breyer got confirmed for the seat by securing an 87-9 vote. He was sworn as the associate justice of the SC on 03 August 1994. Besides, President Jimmy Carter also nominated him in 1980 to sit on the US court of appeals for managing the 1st Circuit.

We hope this article provided sufficient information about Stephen Breyer and why he is in the news. Want to know more about Stephen Breyer Wiki? Then read here more about him.

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