Stear Wordle {July} Is It A Correct Solution Or A Hint?

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All the information in this article is about Wordle 385 challenge and its answers, hints. Read this article to clarify the confusion about Stear Wordle.

Almost all of us are hooked on this Wordle craze. Are you too in this Wordle circle? Do you play this game daily without fail? These challenges are simple for all age groups; they get updated daily at midnight. This game has spread like a fire in countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom

Let us find out about Stear Wordle in this article. Is it the hint or answer? Let us figure it out. Stay tuned to know further. 

What is Wordle 385 answer? 

Have you come across today’s Wordle? Did you win the challenge of 9 July 2022? Was it easy? If you haven’t yet figured out the correct answer, let us tell you the answer. We shall also provide some hints to get the right answer. 

We won’t make you wait any longer. The right answer to the  Wordle 385 is ‘STEAD’, and hence people are misguided with a hint Stear. Stear Definition means to control the movement that is ‘Obsolete form of steer’.

Wordle 385 hints

With the growing popularity of Wordle, everyone wants to be a pro in this game. It is a simple game to play but has certain considerations to follow. You can follow some simple steps to ace this game. Below are some hints to Wordle 382;

  • The word has two vowels in it. 
  • The word starts with the letter ‘S’. 
  • The answer to Wordle 385 is a noun. 
  • The answer is similar to STEAR; it is the biggest hint. 

Following all these hints, getting the right answer is pretty easy to be ‘STEAD’.

Is Stear a Word

If you are here to answer Wordle 385, then let us help you. You can easily go through the hints above and try guessing the answer. It would be simple answering in six attempts. Regarding the hints, if you think Stear is the right answer, then you are wrong. Because the right answer to Wordle 385 is STEAD. It was given as a hint that is similar to the right answer. Hence people were getting confused with this word and were searching for Stear Wordle on the Internet. 

About Wordle

If you are curious to know the basic things about Wordle, then we shall give you certain things to consider while playing the game, which are as follows;

  • The answer is always a five-letter word. 
  • The answers do not repeat. 
  • You get six attempts to guess the answer. 
  • The blocks change their colour when you enter any word for its correctness. 


Lastly, we have figured out the correct answer to Wordle 385 in this article, with some hints to help you. And Stear Wordle is not the right answer; it is a hint. The challenges are easy with some hands-on games. We have provided all the details in this article. To know more details about the same, please visit the link. It has all the other information related to the game. 

Do you enjoy playing this game? Please let us know if this article is helpful to you. 

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