(Nov 2021) Current Outages & Issues!

The guide shares details about and what this page does to update gamers.  

The famous user-generated multiplayer online gaming platform Roblox has been running down since early this morning. Many Worldwide users have reported the issues online and want to know why the game server is down. 

Roblox is a famous and old virtual gaming platform that tends to go down like other gaming servers. So, to update the gamers and make them aware of the issues and downtime, the sub-domain status page has been launched called

This status page’s job is to allow players to see the reasons for downtime, the time needed for maintenance, and more. 

What is Status

Status is the sub-domain status page of the famous gaming platform Roblox. The role of the status page is to share details about the service issues, maintenance time, and other information regarding the server status. It functions like other game’s status pages. 

The status page was created to keep the Worldwide players updated about the game server’s service issues. So, gamers aware of this status page often pay a visit to check the status when the game server is down.

What Information is shared on

As mentioned, the sub-domain status page of the Roblox platform shares many crucial details to update the players facing issues with the game server. 

As reported, many players are facing issues accessing the platform, and they have been unable to access their account since 4 AM IST on 29th Oct 2021. As per the status page, the report is true as the game server is down, still running down, preventing gamers from accessing their account. 

As per, there is a partial service disruption, and users are facing issues connecting to the platform. However, the engineers have updated that the site is functional, and they are investigating the error to resume the game server again. 

What Issues do Players Face When Server is Down?

There are many issues that players face when the game server is down and not functional. Apart from preventing the players from accessing the account, they face other problems noted here. The engineers share the maintenance time and service issues on the page.  

  • The in-game purchases made by the players get delayed, and there will be no receipt for the purchases
  • Joining the game on Roblox won’t be possible when the server is down
  • Delays and lags become common when playing games on Roblox   

So, if you see any of these issues, visit the service status page to learn if the server is down.

Take Away

Game servers are likely to malfunction and prevent the gamers from accessing the games, and Roblox is no exception. Since 4 AM IST on 29th Oct 2021, gamers have been facing difficulty launching the games on Roblox, and after checking on, they found that the server is down and under maintenance.   

After the launch of such a status page, it has become easier for gamers to access the details and status of the game server promptly. 

Are you getting the same issues when launching Roblox? Then, please share what happens when Roblox is down in the comment section. Moreover, you may learn here some tips if you are facing any error

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14 thoughts on “ (Nov 2021) Current Outages & Issues!”

  1. My roblox account just shut me down and wont let me log into it anymore. Before I was logged out of the game it didnt show any games or any of my friends on the home page. Please help me.

  2. The other night i was playing roblox the chat went a bit werid but thats normal, so i joined a new sever but the same thing happend the chat was broken so i kept trying till i realized all of the chats weren’t working.
    After a while, i had enough so i left when i left all the games were missing and my robux was at this point i thought i was hacked and was very worried.
    After refreshing my page a bit i left the app and went on the app again To find out that i was logged out!! I was so worried.
    I stared asking my friends if it had happend to them and they said let me check. They all was logged out to.
    Roblox took a while to notice this but i still cant get on my account. My friends cant ethier We are worried Sick Please fix this roblox.

  3. 14 hours pass by and I still can’t log in on app and browser also on several devices. It’s Just so annoying that I can’t play Roblox because it’s the only game that works (excluding Minecraft, of course) on my PC!

  4. Hello Roblox! This morning I went on roblox to find out that I was logged of and I asked my friends if they got logged of to pls fix this !!! Thanks 😨

  5. Hello again Roblox, Sorry to keep informing you i still have not got my account back.
    I have been waiting since the 28t (At night) And ive still not got my account Back i am worried sick is there certain time this will be fixed at?
    Anyway Take care! 🙂


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