Statesville Golf Cart Accident {June} Complete Incident!

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Do you want to know about the Golf cart accident? Do you want to know how many people suffer in the crash? If yes, this is the ideal article for you. 

According to the NC reports, two people died, and the other four were severely hurt when the car hit on the golf car head on a Monday night, in the North Carolina, United States. Further, we will give you complete details about the crash, then read the article on the Statesville Golf Cart Accident.  

Who died in the golf cart crash?

Winston Salem said to the troopers. The driver of a golf cart, Michael Shane Marlowe, who is 39 years old, and his son, who is 5 years old, named the Bentley Marlowe, both of them have died in the crash. Other 4 passengers in the golf cart, ages 26, 16, 13, and 2, were severely hurt in the crash and immediately taken to the hospital by helicopter in charlotte. The troopers also note that they respond around 9:40 AM to the Fort Dobbs road near the Dobbs drive Statesville north under the Golf Cart Accident Statesville NC. 

The troopers have responded that the north of Statesville crossed the centerline after the Honda accord crossed and hit the heading of the golf cart in the opposite direction. Under this, the golf cart is considered a fun recreational activity for the folks to get on the ride, when the vehicle faces the tragedy when often mix with the collision, said by the Jeffrey swagger trooper. Further, we glance at the Honda driver who was arrested for impaired driving. 

The driver of the Honda arrest

Under the analysis of the Statesville Golf Cart Accident, the Honda driver of the 23 age, named the Austin ray Harmon of Statesville, was not hurt by the car crash. Later, he was arrested and charged due to the case of impaired driving. 

The two counts by the vehicle under the felony death and the three counts of the felony serious injury by the vehicle. It was also expected that Harmon would appear in the court by Tuesday morning. As of Tuesday, the busy B & B auto glass and mirrors were quiet in the Statesville. Let us look at the further reports after the grief of the death from the car crash. 

Statesville Golf Cart Accident  

The grief of the business owner’s death, Mike Marlowe is hurting his loved ones. One of the family friends of  Marlowe, J.R white, said that this accident news is very shocking. He never forgets Marlowe, who always helps the persons when they are in need. 


In this article, we tell you about the Statesville car crash accident in which some people die whereas others are badly hurt and taken to the hospital by the helicopter. For more information, you can click here.

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