How to Start a Streetwear Brand With No Experience

What is streetwear? Streetwear is a fashion genre that refers to the regular use of trendy clothing and accessories by a streetwear designer who designs and sells streetwear. Most streetwear designers are young adults interested in fashion, making money from marketing and selling their unique creations. 

Anyone can start a clothing line for men, women, or children at home or in a commercial space. Apparel offers flexibility and income potential; thus, it’s an excellent business choice for anyone. They are very popular due to the recent economic crisis brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic. Here are the reasons why; 

i)Nowadays, people are trying to make extra money without committing their time to an actual job; hence some have decided to venture into clothing. 

ii)Plus, apparel is easier to retail than other products. Anyone can make money by creating new shirts, pants, skirts, and more styles. 

How Can I Start A Streetwear Brand With No Experience? 

This is a question most people ask themselves. Starting a clothing business is easy and much more profitable —it requires dedication and planning from you as a business person. Still, there are necessary steps, like for any business. There are several ways to start a clothing business for beginners. With that being said, here are some helpful tips for doing so: 

  • You should know why you want to start your streetwear clothing brand. 
  • Choose a unique business name and a logo design. 
  • You should know and understand your audience. 
  • Get good ideas from the internet. 
  • You should create apparel samples for your fashion brand. 
  • Find an affordable marketplace for selling your clothes. 

Now that you know the tips on how to start a brand, let’s discuss in detail how to actualize them. 

1. You should know why you want to start your streetwear Clothing brand

The question to ask yourself is, are you interested in advertising and designing, or are you only interested in generating money? If you want to achieve a successful business for a clothing brand, you need to plan everything carefully.

The Pareto Principle in mathematics requires 80% planning and 20% implementation for new business ventures. Therefore, developing a business plan where all your choices are significant is necessary. 

Your fashion style will depend on your why. You can start a streetwear brand if you have an idea for a new design concept. You can also start a streetwear brand if you are interested in promoting an existing brand. There are many streetwear brands; therefore, it’s important to find a trend that appeals to your target audience, mostly young adults and the youth.

2. Chose a unique business name and a logo design 

Before you choose a name, check to see if it is available on Google Domains, allowing you to verify the availability of website domain names, Facebook or Instagram handles, or your government’s business registry. 

When making a logo, your brand name might serve as your visual logo, or you can use the services of a branding firm with your designs.

3. You should know and understand your audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important things when starting a clothes business. You need to identify and categorize your prospective clients into different groups depending on their characteristics, such as age, gender, marital status, and preference for online or in-person shopping.

Most streetwear is worn by youths and children who love unique things; hence you need to be creative and go with the trend. This information will help you determine their preferences when you launch your products. 

4. Acquire good ideas from the internet. 

If you are a good designer, you can create a new brand without prior experience- you only need ideas and access to Adobe Photoshop, Pinterest, or Instagram. After that, you can build your brand’s designs with the Adobe Illustrator application.

You can then upload the designs to a web platform where potential customers can access them easily. Next, the designer set up a shop on AliExpress, an online platform for selling goods. After that, the designer will have his or her streetwear brand. 

5. You should create apparel samples for your fashion brand

Creativity is a determination to succeed in the apparel industry. Your brand’s market value is determined by how valuable your product is in comparison to that of your competitor. You should find something uncommon or lacking and make it your own. Being a little different will always attract attention from potential customers, and thus you will have less competition. 

Alternatively, you can visit websites like Star Quix and 4imprint for help with planning and strategy. 

Before you start producing your clothes, you should create your clothing samples on paper to ensure you come up with unique samples. Alternatively, you can create a mood board with photographs of the designs you want that will inspire your collage of clothing designs if you need help with ideas for a unique pair of pants, t-shirt, or skirt design. You’ll get a sneak peek at the final product in this way. 

6. Find an affordable marketplace for selling your clothes 

It would be best if you promote your brand at local events to friends, at home, or online: Most people use the internet nowadays to sell items. They’re great places to find items people want to purchase. It is cheap to sell online because most people, especially the youth who love streetwear, have access to smartphones or tablets where they can browse at any time, compare products and purchase from anywhere. Plus, people love buying cheap items, so these work very well as promotional items at local events


Streetwear is becoming one of the most popular selling fashions these days. Most streetwear brands are started by people who have yet to gain design experience. You need to find your niche in the streetwear industry. After you find a trend, trademark, that is, a logo, and name it so no one else can use it without your permission. Building a website for your business is important so customers can contact you directly about purchasing your products

With these tips, you’ll be able to achieve your dream of starting a clothing brand without experience. Remember to follow step by step ad learn from Did you love the article? I hope you have gotten these tips and find them interesting. If you did find this article helpful, please leave a comment and remember to share with your friends who love fashion.

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