Starstreak vs Stinger {March} Comparison of Missile!

Starstreak vs Stinger post has discussed the role of the anti-missile system in the ongoing Russia Ukraine war and compared it.

The Ukraine Russia conflict has entered its 16th day, and Zelenskyy has protected Kyiv till now. This crisis began in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and Ukraine started the Dignity revolution to defend its country.

When this conventional war started, most people thought Ukraine would surrender to the mighty Russian army within a week, but it is holding its base. In this war, countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Canada are supporting Ukraine by supplying weapons and banning Russian products.

Starstreak vs Stinger will discuss foreign support and its impact on the war. 

How Ukraine Resisted for So Long?

At the beginning of the war, experts believed that Ukraine would fall in no time and Russia would establish a puppet government in Kyiv. Within a few days of the invasion, they had captured the South and Southwest part of the country, and Russian troops marched into the country.

Zelenskyy kept pleading for help, but countries like Germany and the United States made it clear that they would not send their troops on the ground. West and America were against this invasion, and they put sanctions on Russia for waging this war on Ukraine.

According to Starstreak vs Stinger, Ukraine has frustrated Russian troops by denying them outright victory. Some weapons like MANPADS are playing a greater role by bringing down Russian helicopters, drones, and aircraft by Ukrainian forces.

What is Starstreak?

Starstreak is a short-distance portable missile air-defense system developed by British Air Defence. At present, it is one of the fastest short-range surface-to-air missiles, and its ability to release three dart submunitions makes it more potent.

Ukrainian troops have succeeded in countering the Russian airstrike by using the American Stinger missile. The success of Stinger has prompted the British to offer their Starstreak system to the Ukraine army.

Starstreak vs Stinger:

Ukraine has a weaker air force than Russia, and most of the 225 aircraft in the fleet are old and require upgradation. In the absence of a strong air force, Ukraine’s ability to take on the Russian airstrike decreased, but MANPADS are working well for them.

They successfully use Stinger to counter Russian air power and inflict high-value damages. They are bringing down Russian helicopters, aircraft, and drones and giving them a tough time.

According to some media reports, the UK is thinking of offering Starstreak anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine. A comparison of Starstreak vs Stinger is given below.

  • Starstreak is developed by British Defence, while Stinger is an American air defense system.
  • Starstreak has a speed of Mach 4, and Stinger can accelerate up to 2.5 Mach.
  • Starstreak range – 7000 m; Stinger range – 4800m.
  • Guidance system – Infrared homing for Stinger while SACLOS for Starstreak.
  • Warhead – High explosive for Stinger and Three explosive darts for Starstreak.  

Final verdict:

America and the West’s plan is to frustrate Russians by prolonging the war and inflicting collateral damages. Zelenskyy has instilled belief in Ukrainian citizens that they can stand for themselves. 

People can give their opinion on anti-aircraft weapons in the Russian Ukrainian war in the Starstreak vs Stinger comment section. 

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