Star Caller Scam {April 2022} Know About A Vishing Crime

Star Caller Scam has details on ID spoofed calling used to fraud people with shared recent scams incidents in some countries.

Do you know about the details for spoofed calls? The crime control department in Singapore has issued an advisory warning citizens of fraud by spoofed calls. Similar incidence has occurred earlier in countries like Canada, the United Star Caller Scam States, and the United Kingdom.

In this kind of fraud, scammers use VoIP technology to protect their identity and save money on an international call. According to the police department, victims receive a call from a number with the prefix +65, which indicates an international number.

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Vishing on Star Call:

The act of using phone calls by scammers to fraud people is known as Vishing. Phishing attacks cover a larger area as all the cybercrime activity done to fraud people comes under it.

Scammers use caller Id spoofing technology to fake the number and protect their geolocation. VoIP allows scammers to use the internet infrastructure for low-cost calling without using other expensive gadgets.

According to one report, scammers try to fake government officials to get victims’ details. A total scam of $125 million was reported in 2019 under vishing.

Star Caller App in Phishing Crime:

The star app is one of the popular tools used by scammers these days to target victims in Germany and India. Since this technology is cheap and hides the geolocation, scammers use the call center to commit this crime in an organized way.

Types of identity fraud are done with the help of the Star app.

  • Impersonating a government official is the most common identity fraud done by scammers.
  • They can identify themselves as customers and try to get funds from banks and financial institutions.
  • They can also act as IT support guys to get important information from the client.

The Star Caller App is working as an excellent enabler for cybercriminals to perform vishing activities in different parts of the world.

A recent case of Vishing in Singapore:

The law enforcement agency has advised the Singapore national to remain alert while dealing with spoofed calls. According to the police department, a victim received a phone call from a bank employee and was asked to give details as they were investigating money laundering.

The call has a +65 prefix which indicates it to be an international call; they also asked for the OTP and other bank details for verifying the account. 

Details sought by Scammers in Singapore Star Caller Scam:

In the Singapore case, the fraud bank officer transferred the call to the Commercial official department for registering police complaints. The victim communicated with the fake officer on WhatsApp messaging platform.

The officer asked for personal details like identity cards and photographs for registering the case. In some instances, fraud victims have also received a paper from a police agency notifying their crime.

Final verdict:

Based on internet research, this is a recent case of vishing, in which victims were informed later that their contact details had changed and funds were withdrawn. The local police have emphasized that no agency will ask for personal information.  

People should remain alert and avoid another Star Caller Scam. People affected by the caller scam can share their stories in the comment section below.

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