Star Atlas Crypto (Aug 2021) Know Reliable Details Now!

This blog has all the necessary details about the ‘Star Atlas Crypto‘ & its features. You can also know some important rules for participation in the event.

Are you interested in crypto trading? Are you a dedicated video gamer? Then, this content is surely for you.

Are you confused about connecting the game with crypto mining? Well, after reading this content, you will understand its link. So, let’s start today’s topic that is totally dedicated to providing insightful information about the Worldwide trending ‘Star Atlas Crypto.‘ 

Introduction of Star Atlas token:

Star Altas has been developing a brand new crypto concept by merging the traditional video game machine with the crypto blockchain machine. According to the Solana website, star atlas token selected the Solana platform as the protocol to design the brand new blockchain-based huge multiplayer metaverse.

The Solana platform first exhibited itself in 2019 as a ‘Web-Scale Blockchain.’ The main purpose of building up this platform is to make it an ultimate blockchain solution that has the ability to host applications as well as the power to a decentralized version of ‘Nasdaq,’ ‘Twitter,’ ‘Facebook,’ & other blockchains that exist. 

More about Star Atlas Crypto:

The Solana platform has 5 menus at the top: The developer, The network, The Validators, The Community & The Ecosystem. The start atlas exists on some leading crypto exchange platforms like -coin market cap. Let’s see about some unknown stats-

  • ICO Price: According to data, the current price is 0.001380 USD.
  • Fundraising Goal: It is TBA.
  • Total Supply: It is 1% (calculation is given in percentage).
  • Personal Cap: The personal cap is 180,000 tokens/ ticket (Two thousand tickets)
  • Access: Anyone can access it as it is public access.
  • Buying Platform: Anyone can trade this Star Atlas Crypto from the FTX platform.
  • Token for Sale: It is TBA.
  • Soft Cap: It is TBA.
  • Token Sold: No information is available.
  • Accept: It accepts FTT, USDT.

Few rules for Participating in IEO:

If you are going to bid at the time of IEO, then try to read the below-mentioned rules and follow them in the future-

  • First & foremost, create an account on FTX by registering with legit credentials. 
  • Next, provide proper credentials at the time of submitting KYC level-2. The KYC might not be approved before the IEO as the total inflow of fresh signups is increasing massively. So, people are advised to submit the KYC soon after registration to get approval in Star Atlas Crypto.
  • Only registration and approval don’t let you participate in IEO. You need to have a minimum of 150FTT stacks for successful participation. The more you have the stack, the more tickets you will get.
  • Make sure to prepare enough funds for bidding and stack FTT for locking the ticket allotment.

Final Term:

The latest blockchain concept with gaming has been popular Worldwide. People are making videos, posting on Twitter, and doing retweets etc. The developer is pretty much satisfied with this new concept. The website of Star Atlas possesses all relevant information from where you can know details about Star Atlas Crypto.

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