Standsay Reviews {June} Is It A Legit Or A Scam? Read!

Standsay Online Website Reviews

This post is on Standsay Reviews, where the website’s legitimacy is reviewed and tested. Read to know more.

What is Standsay? Standsay is a shopping platform where you can buy a lot of stuff for your daily needs. The e-commerce website is very famous and the topic of debate across the United States. It mainly delivers the products across the country.

Do you want to shop on Standsay? Don’t worry. In this post on Standsay Reviews, we will clear all your doubts regarding this website and check its legitimacy across various parameters.

Overview of Standsay com

Standsay is an e-commerce website that shifts a lot of good products. They are selling many products which can come in handy in one’s life. The website with the tagline “Quality excellent and Quality upper” mainly focuses on quality.

Following are the products you can find on Standsay :

  • Shopping trolley
  • Sports Extended Wagon Back
  • Clothes mainly for female
  • Grass Cutter
  • Compost and peat mast spreader

And many other things have been shipped by the company.

Is Standsay Legit? After knowing the qualities and types of products they shipped, everybody would be curious about the website’s legitimacy. Knowing the legitimacy of the website is very important because it helps the user to shop freely. It will make the user aware of the frauds and many things that may happen to you. Do check our full blog to know more.

Features of Standsay

  • You can buy your dresses and household utensils here
  • Phone number:+354.4212434.
  • Email address:
  • Address: 606 N. Water St, Tuscumbia, Alabama,35674, US
  • There is no review of the website on any platform, and the Standsay Reviews on the official website are not present. 
  • Return Policy: It offers a one-month return policy to its customers.
  • 24/7 customer support is also available.
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping on orders above $50. The orders shipped within 2-3 days.
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card, Paytm.

Positive Highlights

  • Free shipping on orders above $50.
  • 24/7 customer support would be great to get your queries cleared.
  • The safe payment is offered.
  • HTTPS is present.

Negative Highlights 

  • No social media handle makes the website quite infamous.
  • The lack of customer reviews makes this website quite doubtful.

Is Standsay Legit?

To check out the legitimacy of a website, we have to consider several factors before declaring it as a legit or not legit website. So let’s take a look at those factors and decide whether the standsay is s legit one or not :

Registration date: It was found that Standsay was registered on November 5. 2021. From this, it can be said that the website is quite new and is only one year old, and it was last updated in October 2021

  • Registrar: The website was registered through NameCheap, Inc.
  • Customer Reviews: We could not find any customer Standsay Reviews making this website quite illegitimate. However, we found an article reviewing this website, and the article shows that this website is not recommended.
  • Social media: We could not find any social media handle of standsay shows how infamous this e-commerce site is.
  • Data safety: The customer’s data is well protected under HTTPS, which shows the data transfer would be safe under Standsay.
  • Policy: A customer can read all the policies regarding payment, payment method, free shipping, and many more on their official website.
  • Trust score: As per some of the websites, It was found that standby has a trust score of about 5%, which is quite bad.

Standsay Reviews

The standsay is provided with all their contact details such as phone number, email address and their address. But, when we tried to search the customer reviews regarding the website, we haven’t found any reviews regarding that. The owner details are also missing from the layout. Moreover, the social media handle of the website was not found. This website seems to be suspicious because the buyers may harm them financially. Some of the websites also marked this website as not recommended. The buyers are requested to check the measures on credit card scamming here.


In this post on Standsay Reviews, we tried to test the legitimacy of the e-commerce website Standsay by testing it across various parameters. It was found that this website has a poor trust score, and it was found to be not legit and has a life expectancy of around six months. The buyers should also know the measures to keep themselves safe from PayPal Scamming. If you want to know more about Wagon, you can click on this link. 

Was this post valuable? If it was, do let us know your views.

4 thoughts on “Standsay Reviews {June} Is It A Legit Or A Scam? Read!

  1. I got scammed by standsay. I saw a cart you pull behind a riding lawnmower. It was for $85.95 dollars. Make a long story short i called the ohone number to ask why taxes werent taken out. The phone number was disconnected tried another number got just fast beebs. Contacted them to say i didnt trust their site and informed them that i was going to let my bank know not to pay them. Got an email from them saying ok we cancelked your order. Oh they cancelled my order alright and got away with my money. Bank said they got the money right away and i would have to wait for the bank to try and get it back. The only good thing is my bank will be giving me the money i was scammed out of. Stay away, the old saying if its too good to be true it aint.

    1. Hi Mary h, we admire that you acted swift and cross-verified. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! In many cases, these spam calls such as telemarketers, robocalls and other nuisance calls can be put to an end with the Spam Call Blocker. And we are glad that you are safe. Stay connected.

  2. I got scammed by Standsay also. Bought a cordless paint sprayer. got a plastic sheet of something, maybe a rain cover. Haven’t opened it. They will not refund money, so I am out the $79.

    1. Hi debbie williams, We always warn our readers from various scam websites to avoid losing their money. It is alarming and hurting if someone loses funds with a scam website, especially jewelry shops online. Keep on reading here and stay alert about the inferior quality products. Stay safe!

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