Stand Storage Project Star (Sep) Get Detailed Insight!

Get the detailed guide on stands in the tier 1 list. Check the whole article for free to get the tips and tricks on using the Stand Storage Project Star.

Do you know about the recently launched game Project Star? Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact idea to play and get the right adventure from the game. We are here for you; the gamers from all the places like the Philippines, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, etc., are looking to know about the amazing stands.

So, we decided to give you a detailed guide on the game and for using the Stand Storage Project Star. It can be tricky, don’t miss any part of the article. Read till the end.

Details Of Project Star

The game is a role-playing game. It is inspired by one of the most popular animated tv shows known as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. ImaginationBurst and the 10_MinuteAdRevenue make the project Star; the purpose for making the game is only fun.

But, till now, they have 26,235 active players on the game. And more than 3.3 million people have already visited the game. On 18th September 2021, it was updated, the demand for a guide on Stand Storage Project Star has increased by then. The game got created on 27th March 2021, and by now, 111,921 people have marked it their favorite.

The List of Stands In Project Star

The stands available in the list vary from tier 1 to tier 8 levels of stands. The list from the tier one stands are mentioned below –

  1. The Sun
  2. Osiris
  3. Anubis
  4. The Emperor
  5. Ratt
  6. Mr. President
  7. Cream Starter 
  8. And Fun Fun Fun is he high performing stands for the players. Every stand has different qualities.

Guide To Stand Storage Project Star

Once you get the stand by the arrows like stand arrow, stand arrow that as an unusual feature, arrow of gleaming etc. You need to store the stands. On the map, go to the middle part of Cairo city. Talk to one of the NPC for storing the stands in the storage room. 

You can only save three stands, but if you spend some Robux to inventory. You can also save a maximum of 5 stands acc. to your wish. One of the fascinating items in the store is the #1 and #2 Extra Stand Storage Project Star, and you can buy it with 300 diamonds. You can store your stands in the project star storage

If you want to remove any stand from your list, go to Cairo city and look for Rokakaka. Then, choose the regular Rokakaka for resetting the stands.


After reading the article, if you want to know How Gamers detect robux generator is fake or not, you can check this here. The stands can enable you to various attack options and abilities to defeat your enemy. For keeping your stands safe and secure, don’t forget to use the Stand Storage Project Star. Which is your favorite stand from the list? Share it here.

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